CommonWealth Magazine (March 2016)


Interview summary

At one point Jolin seriously considered quitting music. It was during 花蝴蝶 Butterfly, Jolin‘s promotion period (2009). She was exhausted, and feeling less and less like herself.
Jolin decided it was time for a break and went to Canada to take French lessons for three months. 葛福鴻 Gefu Hong, a chairman of her then-management company, Mars Entertainment Co., Ltd, never stopped encouraging her.
When Jolin came back, she was more relaxed and realized that she thought too much.
Afterwards Jolin and 葛福鴻 Gefu Hong founded 凌時差音樂製作有限公司 (Eternal Music Production Co., Ltd), Jolin’s current management and music production company.

About love and marriage
Jolin comments “If you are assertive at work and a very smart girl as well, don’t let a certain age limit cover your own light”.
Jolin says that love was very important for her when she was younger but found out that it was not everything in life.
But she also found out that when you learn to love yourself, love will follow.

About music
Jolin really likes dance songs. When she’s listening to demos she’s searching for music that makes her feel alive: depressing lyrics are not the only way to support/motivate women.

About 呸 PLAY
With this album Jolin involved herself way more in music production.
She practiced songs at home before recording them. That’s why she recorded PLAY我 PLAY, which is quite hard to sing since it’s so fast, in 3 hours only!

About the moving videos aired during the Tour
“Every artist wants to convey music or love through performing, not just talk about love”.

About 不一樣又怎樣 We’re All Different, Yet The Same
According to Tom Wang, her agent, Jolin felt that it was a responsability of hers as an artist [to start to focus on social issues]. He thinks that it all started because of her empathy with people, because she knows the feeling of being at your lowest point. From his point of view, even if Jolin looks like a princess, she’s now mature, and is hoping to be able to help the disadvantaged.


About Jolin

Birth / 1980

Education / Fu Jen Catholic University English Department

Experience / GMA’s Best Mandarin Female Singer Award in 2007 for 舞孃 Dancing Diva – GMA’s Best Song of the Year Award in 2013 for 大藝術家 The Great Artist – GMA’s Best Mandarin Album Award in 2015 for 呸 PLAY.

Current Job / Singer

Dream / Live with and without fear (not sure if I really understood that one “沒有恐懼與害怕”)

Recommendation / 寫給姊妹們的真心話 (Do Not Marry Before Age 30) written by former Los Angeles Deputy Mayor 陈愉 Joy Chen/Chen Yu (about her:

Buy on Amazon US

Jolin Wants To Tell You / Dare to dream, dare to act. (敢於作夢,敢於行動)


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