ELLE Taiwan (April 2014)


  • The photoshoot has been done in Paris in collaboration with a modern dance company called Le Grand Jeté. It seems that before shooting the dancers rushed to their phones to watch some of her videos on YouTube since they didn’t know who she was! They whispered to ELLE’s staff “we thought she was just a singer, but her dancing is very good, just like an artist”.
  • Jolin recently found out that work and life often have a wonderful link: she knows now when it’s time to rest, and when to do things that she wants to do. These fun things will give her inspiration but also a better understanding of herself. For instance, she thought it would be fun to practice pole dance, and it got added to the Tour. Nowadays Jolin and her performances are closer than ever, whereas they were separated in the past.
  • Jolin fell in love recently with universal yoga.
  • Basically she learned to enjoy life more, but is still very serious about her work.
  • She’s happy with her boyfriend Vivian Dawson, but that doesn’t mean she’s ready to get married. Jolin said that most women in their 30’s think about wedding but they shouldn’t get married just because of their age, or just to go along with tradition. They must marry if they feel it’s lacking in their lives. Jolin thinks that marriage is a desire for change and she doesn’t want to change anything in her life at the moment. Time won’t urge her to take a decision, it’s not about fear since she knows herself more now. Right now Jolin’s living a wonderful period in her life, and she doesn’t need a “proof” of their love and commitment towards each other, what they’re living at the moment is enough. Jolin adds that marriage isn’t a fairytale, couples have their issues. She just enjoys simple happiness everyday. When Jolin was younger, she was influenced by movies and books, and as a consequence believed that love had to be very passionnate, but this kind of love in the end doesn’t seem to last in real life. Not sure if I understood well this part, but Jolin seems to say that if she agrees to marry it will probably be “because of the next generation” (EDIT: I was right, that means she will probably marry if she’s pregnant).
  • Jolin still has ambitions, still wants to move forward and thinks that human potential is unlimited.

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