Don’t Stop (2000)

Don’t Stop is Jolin’s second album under Universal. It sold 450,000 copies in Taiwan alone. It’s Jolin’s best selling album ever in Taiwan.

Don’t Stop & You Gotta Know were BGMs in Mobitai Communications CFs.

was the BGM in a CF for a Tsaio herbs campaign.

Songs covered by Jolin in this album:
Sugar Sugar: Sugar Sugar – The Archies
Check the covers’ list for more info.

(Chinese, Pinyin & official English title when available)

01. Don’t Stop
Lyrics: Mao Mao
Arranger: Martin Tang

02. 你快樂嗎/Ni kuai le ma/Are you happy
Lyrics: Hu Ru Hong
Composer: Tu Hui Yuan
Arranger: Chen Jing Shi

03. 什麼樣的愛/Shen me yang de ai/What kind of love
Lyrics: Huang Shu Jun
Composer: Ye Liang Jun
Arranger: Terence Teo

04. You Gotta Know
Lyrics: Lu Xue Han
Composer: Chen Wei
Arranger: Chen Wei

05. 永恆/Yong Heng/Eternity
Lyrics: Zhuang Jing Wen
Composer: Li Si Song
Arranger: Huang Ming Yuan

06. 嗨/Hai/Everything’s gonna be alright
Lyrics: Chen Jing Nan
Composer: Liu Zhi Wen
Arranger: Kenn.C

07. 孤單的人總說無所謂/Gu dan de ren zong shuo wu wei suo/Words of loneliness
Lyrics: Wu Yu Kang
Composer: Guo Zi
Arranger: Chen Jing Shi

08. 飄浮/Piao fu/Floating
Lyrics: Mao Mao
Composer: Li Si Song
Arranger: Huang Ming Yuan

09. 唱這首歌/Chang zhe shou ge/Love song for you
Lyrics: Zhuang Jing Wen
Composer: Lee Soo Young
Arranger: Zhong Xing Min

10. Sugar Sugar
Lyrics: Andy Kim/Jeff Barry
Arranger: Zhong Xing Min

Regular 04/26/2000

Ultimate Celebration Version 06/01/2000
CD+VCD+photobook in NY & Hawaii
01. 勁歌精華組曲 (Don’t Stop+上街+Sugar Sugar)/Hit Essence Suite (Don’t Stop + Out on the street + Sugar Sugar)
02. 你快樂嗎 (live version)
03. You Gotta Know (live version)
04. You Gotta Know MV
05. 什麼樣的愛 MV
06. 你快樂嗎 MV

VCD (13 MV)+6 postcards 09/01/2000

DVD (17 MV) Karaoke 10/01/2000

Victory Limited Version 10/16/2002
CD+VCD+photobook in New-York & Hawaii

Reissue 05/24/2005


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