JOLIN 1019 (1999)

JOLIN 1019 is Jolin’s first album. It’s called “1019”, because “1” & “0” are pronounced “Yi” & “ling” in Chinese, Yilin being Jolin’s “real” first name. And 19 because she was nineteen at the time.
It sold 400,000 copies in Taiwan!

Songs covered by Jolin in this album:
The Rose: The Rose – Bette Midler
Check the covers’ list for more info.

(Chinese, Pinyin & official English title when available)

01. Because of You
Lyrics: Yu Guang Zhong
Composer: Anders Bagge

02. 我知道你很難過/Wo zhi dao ni hen nan guo/I know you’re feeling blue
Lyrics: Hu Ru Hong
Composer: Ye Liang Jun

03. 猜想/Cai xiang/Guessing
Lyrics: Yao Ruo Long
Composer: Ronan Keating/Stephen Gately
Arranger: Chen Fei Wu

04. 你是誰/Ni shi shui/Who are you?
Lyrics: Yu Guang Zhong
Composer: Kelth Chon

05. 和世界做鄰居(我可以)/He shi jie zuo lin ju (wo ke yi)/Living with the world
Lyrics: Zhuang Jing Wen
Composer: Ronald Ng
Arranger: Terence Teo

06. 上街/Shang jie/Out on the street
Lyrics: Mao Mao
Composer: Liang Bo Jun

07. 怪我太年輕/Guai wo tai nian qing/Blame it on the age
Lyrics: Lin Qiu Li
Composer: Tu Hui Yuan
Arranger: Wang Ji Kang

08. Good-bye
Lyrics: Mao Mao/Li Jun
Composer: Kelth Chan

09. 空白/Kong bai/Emptiness
Lyrics: Zhuang Jing Wen
Composer: Liu Zhi Wen
Arranger: Ramil.M.S

10. 我知道你很難過(伴唱版)/Wo zhi dao ni hen nan guo (ban chang ban)/I know you’re feeling blue (karaoke version)

2 CD 09/10/1999

01. The Rose
Lyrics: Amanda McBroom
Composer: Amanda McBroom
02. The Rose (Karaoke Version)

CD+”Life” photobook 10/09/1999

CD+VCD 12/03/1999
VCD tracklist
The Rose

CD+VCD+ “Life” Photobook 02/23/2000

Reissue 03/25/2005


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