Lucky Number (2001)

Lucky Number is the fourth and last Jolin album under Universal Music. It sold 150,000 copies in Taiwan, much less than her previous works.
情不自禁 was the Chinese theme song for Disney’s Atlantis The Lost Empire. It’s not on the album itself but on a special single. This single was given for free with the album to a few lucky customers, and was available as a limited edition at Mc Donalds and on the animation movie’s OST as well.
Surprise was the BGM in a CF for a Tsaio herbs campaign.

Songs covered by Jolin in this album:
Bridge over troubled water: Bridge over troubled water – Simon & Garfunkel
Check the covers’ list for more info.

(Chinese, Pinyin & official English title when available)

01. Bridge Over Troubled Water
Lyrics: Paul Simon
Composer: Paul Simon
Arranger: George Leong

02. 看緊我/Kan jin wo
Lyrics: Yu Guang Zhong
Composer: Chen Wei
Arranger: Chen Wei

03. Lucky Number
Lyrics: Xie Meng Juan
Composer: Li Wei Song
Arranger: Martin Tang

04. 如果不想要/Ru guo bu xiang yao
Lyrics: Xie Meng Juan
Composers: Lu Shao Ying/Liu Zhi Wen
Arranger: Terence Teo

05. 捕手/Bu shou
Lyrics: Xu Chang De
Composer: Li Si Song
Arranger: Terence Teo

06. Take It Easy
Lyrics: Yu Guang Zhong/Mao Mao
Composer: Vincent Tan
Arranger: Martin Tang

07. 只有一個你/Zhi you yi ge ni
Lyrics: Yao Qian
Composer: Alazn
Arranger: Terence Teo

08. 你怎麼連話都說不清楚/Ni zen mo lian hua dou shuo bu qing chu
Lyrics: Mao Mao
Composer: Jay Chou
Arranger: Martin Tang

09. Surprise
Lyrics: Mao Mao
Composer: Jae
Arranger: Jae

10. 由我/You wo
Lyrics: Xie Tian Yao
Composer: Xie Tian Yao
Arranger: Huang Zhong Yue


Single 07/23/2001

01. 情不自禁/Qing bu zi jin
Lyrics: Xie Meng Juan
Composer: Diane Warren/Newton Howard
Arranger: Chen Fei Wu

02. Bridge Over Troubled Water

Single (McDo edition)
01. 情不自禁/Qing bu zi jin

Regular version 07/07/2001

Deluxe version 07/07/2001

VCD+6 postcards 03/21/2002
01. Lucky Number
02. 如果不想要
03. 你怎麼連話都說不清楚
04. Take It Easy
05. 捕手
06. Surprise
07. 看緊我
08. 由我
09. 只有一個你

01. e世紀篇
02. 520速配篇
03. My Wap朋友篇
04. My Wap生日篇
05. 世界篇
06. 空間篇


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