Show your love (2000)

Show your love is Jolin’s third album. It sold 280,000 copies in Taiwan (less than her previous album, Don’t Stop). Jolin was 20 at the time so this album has a more mature feeling than her previous ones.

Show your love was the Chinese theme song for the movie How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

感覺你的存在 was the BGM in a Mobitai Communications CF.

Pretty Pretty Day was the BGM in a Supau Light CF.

(Chinese, Pinyin & official English title when available)
01. Show your love
Lyrics: Chen Jing Nan
Composer: Li Wei Song
Arranger: Martin Tang

02. 快有愛/Kuai you ai
Lyrics: Xu Chang De
Composer: Chen Wei
Arranger: Chen Wei

03. 你還愛我嗎/Ni hai ai wo ma
Lyrics: Hu Ru Hong
Composer: Azlan Abu Hasan
Arranger: Chen Fei Wu

04. Baby Face
Lyrics: Xie Meng Juan
Composer: Jae
Arranger: Jae

05. 如果那天你說愛我/Ru guo na tian ni shuo ai wo
Lyrics: Chen Shan Ni
Composer: Chen Shan Ni
Arranger: Wu Qing Long

06. 捨不得/She bu de
Lyrics: Xie Meng Juan
Composer: Ye Liang Jun
Arranger: Chen Fei Wu

07. 愛上了一條街/Ai shang le yi tiao jie
Lyrics: Xie Meng Juan
Composer: Mu Ye Xin Bo
Arranger: Chen Jing Shi

08. Pretty Pretty Day
Lyrics: Mao Mao
Composer: Xiao Ma Yi
Arranger: Chen Fei Wu

09. 一眼就看見/Yi yan jiu kan jian
Lyrics: Yao Ruo Long
Composer: Pan Xie Qing
Arranger: Terence Teo

10. 感覺你的存在/Gan jue ni de cun zai
Lyrics: Yu Guang Zhong
Composer: Liu Zhi Wen
Arranger: Martin Tang


CD 12/22/2000

Celebration Edition (w/ wallpaper) 02/09/2001

2 VCD Concert Commemorative Edition (Limited to 10,000 copies in Taiwan) 03/16/2001

MV VCD+Hawaii handkerchief 08/13/2001

Karaoke concert 2 VCD XX/XX/2001


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