Butterfly, Jolin (花蝴蝶, 2009)

This album has been dubbed in 2009 “the most awaited album of the year in Asia”. People were actually really looking forward to it since it was the first Jolin album with Warner, and 2009 also marked Jolin’s 10th anniversary.

Critics were not tender with the album, some even said it was the worst way to celebrate her anniversary. But the audience loved it. Jolin broke a record with Butterfly by reaching a number of 120,000 preorders. The fact that she promoted the album in colleges helped a lot to get to these results. Jolin sold more than 150,000 copies in Taiwan. Worldwide Butterfly sold more than 2,500,000 copies.

Jolin went to the United States for her choreographies, her teacher was Jonte (choreographer for Janet Jackson among others).

She learned ballet for this album, and said it was her hardest challenge to date. She also said recently in an interview that she was not thinking of doing ballet ever again.

Several guest-stars participated in the MVs: Ethan Ruan in 妥協 Compromise, Nick (Chou) in 大丈夫 Real Man (both MV & song), & Ivy Chen in 我的依賴 Accompany with me.

花蝴蝶 was used in a CF for Chungwha Telecom.

(Chinese, Pinyin & official English title when available)

01. 花蝴蝶/Hua Hudie/Butterfly
Lyrics: Yan Yu Nong
Composers: Anders Kjer/David Clewett/Alice Gernandt
Arranger: Andy

02. 愛引力/Ai Yinli/Love Attraction
Lyrics: Li Zong En
Composers: Michel Daudin/ Matthieu Arnaud Chedid
Arranger: Derek Chua

03. 影舞者/Ying Wu Zhe/The Shadow Dancer
Lyrics: Chen Zhen Chuan
Composers: Christian Lindberg/Lvar Kisinski/Billy Mann
Arrangers: Lu Shao Chun/Han Xing Zhou

04. 妥協/Tuo Xie/Compromise
Lyrics: Wonderful
Composer: Real x F.I.R Band
Arranger: Martin Tang

05. 大丈夫/Da Zhang Fu/Real Man
Lyrics: Chen Zhen Chuan
Composers: Jeberg, Jonas/Sigvardt, Mikkel Remee/Mich Hansen/Nina Woodford
Arranger: Andy

06. 降落傘/Jiang Luo San/Parachute
Lyrics: Chen Ying
Composer: Chen Ying
Arranger: Hong Jing Yao

07. 愈慢愈美麗/Yu Man Yu Meili/Slow Life
Lyrics: Chen Zhen Chuan
Composer: Thomas Hans Eriksson
Arranger: Liao Wei Jie

08. 我的依賴/Wo De Yi Lai/Accompany with me
Lyrics: Yao Ruo
Composer: Yi Jie Qi
Arranger: Wu Qing Long

09. 你快樂我內傷/Ni Kuai Le Wo Nei Shang/You hurt my feelings
Lyrics: Lin Xi
Composer: Chen Wei Quan
Arranger: Martin Tang

10. 熱冬/Re Dong/Hot Winter
Lyrics: Zhou Qi Min/Wonderful/Chen Tian You
Composers: Sigvardt, Mikkel Remee/Troelsen, Thomas
Arranger: Liao Wei Jie


Preorder version CD+red t-shirt+photobook 03/27/2009

Preorder version CD+white t-shirt+photobook 03/27/2009

Preorder version CD+white/red t-shirt+photobook+magnetic message board 03/27/2009

Preorder version CD+white/red t-shirt+photobook+card holder 03/27/2009

Preorder version CD+white/red t-shirt+photobook+bookmark 03/27/2009

Regular version (Asia) w/ cushion/memo-pad/mouse-pad/poster 03/27/2009

 Limited version CD+DVD 03/27/2009
01. Butterfly MV Dance version
02. Real man MV Dance version
03. Butterfly MV teaching video
04. Real man MV teaching video
05. DANCE with Jolin video gallery

CD+DVD+photobook “Pink Lady” 05/22/2009
01. 大丈夫 MV
02. 妥協 MV
03. 花蝴蝶 MV
04. 越慢越美麗 MV
05. 我的依賴 MV

CD+DVD+photobook “Pink Lady”+Coaster 05/22/2009

Waterproof MP3 Player version (includes Butterfly, Jolin & Butterfly MV & mp3 strap) 06/30/2009
Capacity 4GB

Digital version (partnership with China Mobile & Chungwha Telecom [Taiwan]) w/poster ??/??/2009


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