Dancing Diva (舞孃, 2006)

Dancing Diva is her first album with EMI Capitol. This album is considered her best by many fans & critics. She even won the Best Female Singer award at the 18th Golden Melody Awards for the first time ever the year the album was released. Dancing Diva sold more than 2,80 million copies worldwide & 310,000 copies in Taiwan! Jolin wrote or co-wrote the album’s choruses for the most part, and wrote a song too.
玩美 was the theme song for a LUX campaign.
唇唇欲動 was the BGM in a MaxFactor lip gloss CF.

(Chinese, Pinyin & official English title when available)

01. 玩美/Wan mei/Pulchritude
Lyrics: Cui Wei Kai
Composer: Lars Quang/Thea Winkelmann
Chorus: Jolin Tsai/A Di Zi

02. 舞孃/Wu niang/Dancing Diva
Lyrics: Chen Zhen Chuan
Composer: Miriam Nervo/Liv Nervo
Arranger: Lu Shao Chun
Chorus: Jolin Tsai/A Di Zi

03. 馬德里不思議/Ma de li bu si yi/A Wonder in Madrid
Lyrics: Huang Jun Lang
Composer: Chen Men Qi

04. 假裝/Jia zhuang/Pretence
Lyrics: Da Mai
Composer: Gu Hao
Chorus: Jolin Tsai/Ma Yu Fen

05. 唇唇欲動/Chun chun yu dong/Attraction of Sexy Lips*
Lyrics: Qing Tian
Composer: Terry Lee
Chorus: Jolin Tsai

06. 心型圈/Xin xing quan/Love in the Shape of a Heart
Lyrics: Vincent Fang
Composer: Zhan Yu Hao (Nan Quan)
Chorus: Jolin Tsai

07. 離人節/Li ren jie/Heartbreaking Day
Lyrics: Yan Yun Nong
Composer: Feng Han Ming

08. Mr. Q
Lyrics: Chen Zhen Chuan
Composer: Miriam Nervo/Olivia Nervo/Ben Thomas/Dele Ladimeji
Rap: Jolin Tsai
Chorus: Jolin Tsai/A Di Zi

09. 乖乖牌/Guai guai pai/Nice Guy
Lyrics: Cui Wei Kai
Composer: Stanley Huang
Chorus: Jolin Tsai/Stanley Huang

10. 最終話/Zui zhong hua/The Finale
Lyrics: A Xin
Composer: Li Si Song

11. 開場白/Kai chang bai/The Prologue
Lyrics: Jolin Tsai
Composer: Song Nian Yu

* This song is not available in the Chinese version of Dancing Diva.


Preorder version 05/12/2006

不可思議2006 Jolin最強全新專輯3首主打 (90秒版本搶先試聽CD) (Bonus CD featuring 3 song samples)
Close-up Jolin蔡依林56頁最私密寫真 (Close-up Jolin photobook)

Preorder version (China) w/ Jolin in Budapest photobook 05/12/2006

Regular version 05/12/2006

CD+DVD (11 MV) 07/07/2006

CD+Jolin in Budapest photobook+Close-Up Jolin photobook+agenda (China) ??/??/????


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