[Live DVD] The Acquired Talent (地才, 2007)

This release contains Jolin’s second World Tour, J2 Dancing Forever World Tour. Unfortunately there aren’t many performances in this because of copyright issues. This DVD alternates between performances and behind the scenes for the Tour. It contains Dancing Forever‘s MVs too.

(Chinese, Pinyin & official English title when available)

01. Performances
玩美/Wan mei/Pulchritude
Mr. Q
開場白/Kai chang bai/The Prologue
假裝/Jia zhuang/Pretence
唯舞獨尊/Wei wu du zun/Dancing Forever
唇唇欲動/Chun chun yu dong/Attraction of Sexy Lips
馬德里不思議/Ma de li bu si yi/A Wonder in Madrid
懷念/Huai nian
舞孃/Wu niang/Dancing Diva
02. 唯舞獨尊演唱會演出前夕的籌備工作 (Dancing Forever Concert, preparations before the performance)
03. 練習(練舞及練團) (Exercise: dance practice & training groups)
04. 演唱會綵排 (Concert rehearsals)
05. 三天演唱會精華 (3 days Concert Digest)
06. 巨蛋後台花絮 (After the Dome: Taiwan highlights)
07. 蔡依林專訪 (Jolin Tsai interview)
08. Bonus MV:
→ 唯舞獨尊/Wei wu du zun/Dancing Forever
→ 聽說愛情回來過/Ting shuo ai qing hui lai guo
→ 墓仔埔也敢去 (台語)/Mu zi pu ye gan qu/Bo Ma Bo Ya Ga Ki (Taiwanese)
→ 懷念/Huai nian


Preorder version DVD+Photobook+2 Posters 06/08/2007

Regular version DVD+Photobook+Poster 06/08/2007


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