Love Exercise (愛的練習語, 2008)

This cover album has been released with another Jolin’s English Book. She did not promote it due to a restrained schedule, so it did not sell very well. It was limited to 100,000 copies, and she sold 30,000 copies.

Songs covered by Jolin in this album
Get the party started: Get the party started – Pink
Kiss me: Kiss me – Sixpence None the Richer
I won’t last a day without you: I won’t last a day without you – The Carpenters
Physical: Physical – Olivia Newton-John
Angel: Angel – Sarah McLachlan
Lady Marmelade: Lady Marmelade – Patti Labelle
Lovefool: Lovefool – The Cardigans
The Blower’s daughter: The Blower’s daughter – Damien Rice
Thank you: Thank you – Dido
When you say nothing at all: When you say nothing at all – Ronan Keating
Check the covers’ list for more info.

(Chinese, Pinyin & official English title when available)

01. Get This Party Started /Opening 揭開男女之間的愛情序曲/Opening Jie Kai Nan Nu Zhi Jian De Ai Qing Xu Qu
02. Lovefool/愛的召喚/Ai De Zhao Huan
03. Kiss Me/熱戀階段/Re Lian Jie Duan
04. The Blower’s Daughter/冷戰階段/Leng Zhan Jie Duan
05. Lady Marmalade/女人的Talk 姐妹們的分享愛情心情派對/Nu Ren De Talk Jie Mei Men De Fen Xiang Ai Qing Xin Qing Pai Dui
06. I Won’t Last a Day Without You/極度想念/Ji Du Xiang Nian
07. Physical/慾望交織/Yu Wang Jiao Zhi
08. When U Say Nothing at All/心領神會/Xin Ling Shen Hui
09. Thank U/欲走還留 結束的猶豫/Yu Zou Huan Liu Jie Shu De You Yu
10. Angel/放手與原諒/Fang Shou Yu Yuan Liang


Preorder version CD+CDRom+Book+Poster 10/31/2008

Regular version CD+CDRom+Book 10/31/2008

LOHAS version w/letter papers+envelopes+stickers


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