我覺得很好/Wo jue de hen hao (09/2000)
“Open a new school in Asia” campaign
Lyrics: Yao Ruo Long
Composer: Jin Tie Zhang

Fanmade MV
Cherry Cherry (03/2002)

Lyrics: ??
Composer: ??
Live version only. Jolin was a guest at Kiki Ding‘s concert and performed it. This song has never been released.

手牽手/Shou qian shou/Hand in Hand against SARS (05/2003)
Lyrics: Wang Leehom/David Tao/Chen Zhen Chuan
Composers & Arrangers: Wang Leehom/David Tao
Chorus: 86 people

海市蜃樓/Hai shi shen lou/Warriors in Peace (10/2003)
OST Warriors of Heaven & Earth
Lyrics: Li Chao Xiong
Composer: A.R. Rahman

他們都是我們的孩子/Ta men dou shi wo men de hai zi (11/2004)
Mc Donalds theme song featured in ads
Lyrics: Chen Shao Qi
Composer: David Foster

藍色飛揚/Lan se fei yang/Dare For More (11/2004)
Pepsi theme song
Lyrics: Lin Xi
Composer: Du Zi Chi
Rap: Chen Yao Ren

海洋之心/Hai yang zhi xin/Under the sea (08/2005)
Hong Kong Disneyland – The Grand Opening Celebration Album
Lyrics: Yan Yun Nong
Composer: Alan Menken

真命天子 feat. Jolin/Zhen ming tian zi (10/2005)
Show Luo – Hypnosis SHOW
Lyrics: Chen Zhen Chuan
Composers: Chertwell/Ralph Mahoney/Jud Nielsen/Michael Sov

讓愛靠近/Rang ai kao jin (11/2005)
Lyrics: Chen Zhen Chuan
Composer: David Foster

In My Arms feat. Jolin (11/2007)
Kylie Minogue – X (Asia Exclusive Special Edition)
Writers: Kylie Minogue/Paul Harris/Richard “Biff” Stannard/Calvin Harris/Julian Peake

北京歡迎你/Beijing huan ying ni/Beijing welcomes you (07/2008)
Beijing 2008 Olympic Games’ theme song (99 artists featured)
Lyrics: Lin Xi
Composer: Xiao Ke

Touch Your Heart English version (01/2009)
Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s theme song
Lyrics: ??
Composer: Xu Shizhen

改變明天/Gai bian ming tian (06/2009)
Golden Melody Award 20th anniversary (with other artists)
Lyrics: Lin Xi
Composer: Luo Dai You

有隻老虎/You zhi lao hu (02/2010)
Warner Music’s artists released this as a digital single for the Chinese New Year (it was the Year of the Tiger).
Lyrics: Jon Ma
Composer: ??

台灣的心跳聲/Taiwan de xin tiao sheng (05/2010)
Taiwan Pavilion theme song at Shanghai World Expo
Lyrics: Vincent Fang
Composer: Michael Lin
Arranger: Michael Lin
Rap: Kou Jia Rui

旅程/Lu Cheng/Journey (09/2013)
Swarovski’s theme song
Lyrics: Yan Yunnong
Composers: Jaakko Salovaara/Keuntae Park/Nalle Ahlstedt

Now Is The Time (06/2014)
From Pepsi’s Beats of the Beautiful Game
Lyrics: Julia Dougall, Ellen Pietropaoli
Music: Brandon Green, Colby Green

Shake Your Body feat. Show Luo, Aaron Kwok, Momo Wu (06/2014)
Pepsi China’s song for the World Cup
Lyrics: Vincent Fang
Composer: Ting Yang

万花瞳 (Trad. Chinese 萬花瞳)/Wan Hua Tong/Kaleidoscope (06/2014)
Chinese movie 小时代3 Tiny Times III theme song
Lyrics: Yan Yunnong
Composer: Real from F.I.R

渴望就一块/Ke Wang Jiu Yi Kuai (08/2014)
Pepsi China promo song
Lyrics: Vincent Fang
Music: Colby Green / Brandon Green aka Bei Maejor

I Wanna Know – Alesso feat. Jolin (09/2016)
Music & Lyrics: Alessandro Lindblad / Kahouly Nicolay Sereba / Ozzy Jaquesson Sowe / Vincent Dery

PLAY我呸/PLAY Wo Pei/PLAY (Alesso remix version) (09/2016)
Lyrics: Li Gedi
Music: NESE

戀我癖/Lian Wo Pi/EGO-HOLIC – Starr Chen feat. Jolin (10/2016)
Lyrics: Ge Dawei
Music: Starr Chen

讓愛傳出去/Rang Ai Chuan Chuqu (05/2017)
Lyrics & Music: Hong Yutong

We Are One – Hardwell feat. Jolin Tsai (06/2017)
Lyrics: Robin van Loenen / Alexander Tidebrink
Music: Robbert van de Corput / Willem van Hanegem / Ward van der Harst

幸福路上 On Happiness Road (11/2017)
Taiwanese animation movie 幸福路上 On Happiness Road 2017 theme song
Lyrics: Francis Lee, Lin Huangkun
Music: Mickey Lin, Lin Jiaqing

什麼什麼 Stand Up (12/2017)
Chinese movie 捉妖記 2 Monster Hunt 2 theme song
Lyrics: Xu Qi
Music: Hanif Hitmanic Sabzevari/Dennis DeKo Kordnejad/Pontus PJ Ljung/Daniel Kim


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