[Remix album] J9新歌+Party混音精選 (J9 New+Party Collection, 2004)

This remix album was released by Sony on the same day than Born to be a star… There are 9 remixes on this album of songs from Magic & Castle, and 2 previously unreleased songs.
招牌動作 was the BGM for a BenQ Joybee CF.

(Chinese, Pinyin & official English title when available)

01. 招牌動作 (New)/Zhao pai dong zuo/Signature gesture
Lyrics: Chen Zhen Chuan
Composer: Edward Chan/Charles Lee
Arranger: Lu Shao Chun/Lin Cen Fang

02. 單身公害 (New)/Dan shen gong hai/Single Public Threat
Lyrics: Li Zhuo Xiong
Composer: Gang Hyun Min
Arranger: Lu Shao Chun, Lin Yi Lin

03. 看我72變/Kan wo qi shi er bian/Magic
04. 乖貓/Guai mao/Nice cat
05. 說愛你/Shuo ai ni/Say I Love You
06. 愛情36計/Ai Qing San Shi Liu Ji/36 tricks of love
07. 海盜/Hai dao/Pirates
08. 就是愛/Jiu Shu Ai/It’s love
09. Love, Love, Love
10. 爆米花的味道/Ning meng cao de wei dao/The smell of lemon grass
11. Magic Non-Stop Remix: 愛情36計/乖貓/Love, Love, Love/看我72變


Regular 11/12/2004

Jolin English Book Diary (JOLIN的二十四堂英文日記課 Book+CD)+J9 03/17/2005


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