[EDIT 11/09: Controversy] Jolin releases a new collaboration with Starr Chen: 戀我癖 EGO-HOLIC!

陳星翰 Starr Chen and Jolin previously collaborated together on PLAY我呸 PLAY, Miss Trouble, and I’m Not Yours. He was also PLAY World Tour’s music director.

The song’s message is “love yourself”.
Jolin scribbled herself on the cover: she wanted to convey that she loved herself, including her inner self, not just her appearance.


Lyrics: Ge Dawei
Music: Starr Chen

Full MV

MV plot

From the video’s description on YouTube
“2026. Everyone wants to become an Internet star or an idol. Celebrities have all rights, friends, opportunities, money… Everything. Ordinary people have nothing.
The girl is called Ling (“Zero”). She’s living in a neighborhood full of crime, violence, pornography and drugs. One day, she receives a parcel with a tablet inside, and she sees an ad about a “virtual star manufacturing company”.
Ling recalls her school years when she was bullied. She’s determined to become a star and to get her revenge but she never imagined that her “better life” would turn out like this.”

From the director’s official vimeo account
“2026, which is a very near future, due to the convenience brought by the Internet and the rapid expansion of individual media coverage, everyone in NEO TAIPEI can easily earn the Internet fame through viral Like&Share or even become the socialites and celebrities in virtual life followed by millions of fans. This trend accelerates the wealth inequality since the major power and opportunities are only held and networked within dreamy-bubbly-celeb-only circle.
One day, Mei-Er Wang received a mysterious parcel. Once she unwrapped it, she saw a tablet automatically pop out and an ad listing latest services from “ Internet Phenomenon Production Company ” by Shiya Group. It’s said that once you sign up for membership and prepay the annual fee, the company will customise a celeb-like virtual life for you by teaming up with a professional director, stylist, agent, and marketing company. Internet Phenomenon Production Company promises the virtual landscape they create is full of charms, presents a well-staged lifestyle and triggers others’ social media envy. Now Mei-Er just found her new goal of life after reading this ad. She wanted to be the Internet diva and have her own social circle with lots of friends around her. “What kind of life is it,” she wondered. Suddenly, Mei-Er recalled the nightmare of being bullied at school 6 years ago. She then plotted a series of revenge….”

戀我癖 EGO-HOLIC is available worldwide on iTunes.

On another note, Jolin is taking desserts and music courses in Europe right now (according to one of her latest Instagram pics, she’s in the UK, most probably in London).
She’s expected to stay there for a month.
Her new album’s release is scheduled for next year.

EDIT 11/09:

In case you haven’t noticed, 戀我癖 EGO-HOLIC MV is now blurred on Starr Chen’s official YouTube channel. It has also been deleted on the director’s official vimeo account.

If you’re wondering why, that’s because of a controversy surrounding the MV for the past few days.

In the bullying scene, the actresses are wearing uniforms of a Taiwanese school which actually exists, called Zhongshan Girls High School.

This school is saying that the MV has damaged its reputation, criticized the bullying scene per se, demanded apologies, and for the MV to be withdrawn immediately.

Starr Chen’s label and the singer apologized on their official Facebook, and as a consequence the video is still available, but blurred.
According to this apology, Starr Chen and his team were not pointing fingers at any school in particular, they chose to use uniforms of this school to make the MV look more realistic.

Starr Chen also apologized to Jolin -who took no part in the production of this MV- for the prejudice this controversy may have caused to her.


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