Jolin participates in a cake competition in the UK, is working on her new album in Sweden, and will be in Paris on November 30th!

Jolin participated once again in a cake competition organized by Cake International in Birmingham (UK) on November 6th, and she got a Gold Award this time in the “A Decorative Exhibit” Category!

Click on the picture below to access all pics!

Jolin is working on her new album -scheduled for a 2017 release- with The Kennel (a music publishing, production and management company based in Sweden)!
She’s also there to learn things about electronic music since part of her electronic music is written by Swedish composers.

On the first picture: songwriters Johan Gustafson and Hayley Aitken.
On the second picture: songwriters Hayley Aitken, Johan Moraeus and Olof Lindskog (Ollipop).
On the third picture: songwriters Caesar & Loui (Daniel Caesar & Ludwig Lindell).

Click on the pictures below to access all pics!

Songs they wrote for her: I’m Not Yours, Miss Trouble, 不一樣又怎樣 We’re All Different, Yet The Same & Dr Jolin.

Jolin will attend Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show at the Grand Palais in Paris on November 30th!
She’s the first Asian female celebrity ever to be invited at this event.


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