Jolin & boyfriend Vivian Dawson break up

1429_c912495468919516564e0091-1玩愛之徒 Love Player MV promotional picture (2010)

I barely post about Jolin’s love life but this time…
According to AppleDaily (also confirmed by Jolin’s agent), Jolin and her boyfriend Vivian Dawson broke up amicably last month.

Still according to the article, they broke up for “personality differences” = because of their different views about marriage.
Jolin has always been very outspoken about the fact that she didn’t want to marry, she thinks that marriage is not mandatory to be happy.

She’s a very independent woman, whereas he on his part seems to be more “traditional”.
About his views on marriage, basically he said recently in an interview that one must always wear his/her wedding ring, the wife must take the surname of the husband, wife and husband must share their assets…

They remain good friends and it seems that they’re still seeing each other for dinner for instance.

Jolin and Vivian first met on set of 玩愛之徒 Love Player MV back in 2010 and started dating soon after.


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