Listen to Jolin’s new single: We Are One – Hardwell feat. Jolin Tsai!

This song, described as a “warm-up single for the new album”, marks Hardwell‘s first collaboration with a Taiwanese singer.

Jolin declared about Hardwell “Hardwell’s style is very masculine, it’s very attractive to me, so I wanted to try and take up the challenge!”

She had a great time recording the song: “I was listening to his music while reading the lyrics, it was a very special time, you could stay there til the end of the world!”

When she first heard the demo she felt something special. The process of collaboration is something very exciting to her, after the song was born she loved it.

Hardwell said: “I was very honoured to work with Jolin, I like this song, I hope you’ll like it!”

Hardwell feat. Jolin Tsai – We Are One
Lyrics: Robin van Loenen / Alexander Tidebrink
Music: Robbert van de Corput / Willem van Hanegem / Ward van der Harst

We Are One will be available on June 20th on iTunes, Spotify…


2 thoughts on “Listen to Jolin’s new single: We Are One – Hardwell feat. Jolin Tsai!

  1. wth, we waiting almost 3years till now just for this? hardwell feat jolin? sorry, this song its ok but we want CPOP song!

    where’s the 1st single from her upcoming new album? think she’ll release BOP single with MV like play or the great artist, dissapointed really 😦


    1. Hi!
      I understand your disappointment, but it’s not possible to compare this single to title songs like PLAY or The Great Artist.

      Jolin said almost a month ago that her new album will be released at the end of the year, so we’ll get the “bop”/title song you want in November/December, don’t worry.


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