PLAY World Tour DVD/BD #1 on 5music for its first 2 weeks, photobook scans, and donation for relief work in Hualien

For its first 2 weeks PLAY World Tour DVD/BD ranked #1 on 5music !

2018/1/26 – 2018/2/1


I also got my copy of PLAY World Tour BD yesterday ! I made scans from the photobook, click on the picture below:

Buy on 5music | books tw (EMS only) | YesAsia

Buy on 5music | books tw (EMS only) | YesAsia

On February 6th, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on the moment magnitude scale hit Taiwan. The epicenter was on the coastline near Hualien, which was the most severely affected area, with a maximum felt intensity of VII (very strong) on the Mercalli intensity scale. At least 17 deaths have been reported, with 282 injured. (from Wikipedia)

On February 9th, a Tzu-Chi Foundation volunteer posted this on her Facebook account (English translation):

“I received a call last night from Jolin Tsai’s agent. She’s not in Taiwan but because of trust and compassion, she’s donating NT$1 million (27 802,69 € or USD$34,122.25) to Tzu-Chi Foundation to deal with the relief work in Hualien. We are very grateful”

This post unexpectedly exposed Jolin’s low-profile act of charity. Since her mother is a volunteer for Tzu-Chi Foundation, and because she’s deeply affected, Jolin decided to assist the victims.
Her agent said that Jolin is abroad at the moment, but she saw this distressed situation, the disaster area and the victims, she felt very grateful to relief workers, and she wanted to do something for Taiwan.


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