Jolin discharged from the hospital, a Tour was supposed to start in August ?

Picture from Jolin’s official Instagram

Jolin has been discharged from the hospital !

Just in case you missed the news, Jolin had to be hospitalized for several days this past week because of a viral infection which spread to her eyes and ears. As a consequence, her attendance at Milan and Paris Fashion Week had to be cancelled. It was the first time since her debut that she had to cancel work because of illness.

It has also been disclosed that she booked Taipei Arena in mid-August for two consecutive weekends (meaning that a new Tour was coming), but this reservation has been cancelled because of her health.

Jolin’s agent confirmed the cancellation, but denied that it was because of Jolin’s illness. He declared: “The new album was originally planned to be released at the end of last year, but due to a serious backward music production schedule, works failed to be completed on schedule, it was too late to prepare the content of a concert, so it (the reservation) has been cancelled by the government last year.”

Jolin will resume work in March and will focus on the new album, expected for a summer release.



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