Jolin attends her first public appearance since her hospitalization, she opens up about her condition and the new album

Today Jolin attended Ginko International Group (Hydron contact lenses) Concert in Shanghai and performed 大艺术家 The Great Artist, 倒带 Rewind and 日不落 Sun Will Never Set.

Click on the picture below to access the photo album !

It was her first public appearance since her emergency hospitalization almost three weeks ago.
Jolin explained  to the media that she had an acute gastroenteritis coupled with the flu. She could only rest in bed all day. As a consequence her immune system was weak, and after seeing a doctor she learned that she was suffering from herpes zona (shingles) as well.

Jolin didn’t want her mom to worry, so on the first day of her gastroenteritis, she asked her agent, Tom Wang, to not say anything about her condition.
But her mom called her while she was resting at home: Jolin’s assistant took the call and revealed her illness accidentally.
Then Jolin’s sister and mom started to take care of her.
Lots of friends of hers were concerned, and even strangers are giving her health advice, Jolin is very touched and thankful.

Jolin never left home while she was ill, she watched Netflix all day and thought about the content of the upcoming album.
She resumed work last week and went to Thailand at Karma Sound Studios with her staff to make new song(s) for the album. She collaborated with SYPS, Richard Craker, Stan Dubb, Rhys Fletcher and pianist 洪筠惠 Yun-Hui Hung. The pictures below have been taken at the studio and at U Pattaya, a 5 star hotel.

The new album’s release is scheduled for this summer, a Tour is expected to follow in early 2019.

And an event will be held in mid-March, stay tuned for more info !



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