Jolin shares some information about her new album in NYLON China, records a new song, attends Namie Amuro’s concert and gives her a cake

Jolin is on cover of NYLON China magazine this month, she shared some information about her upcoming album in the interview:

► The new album is expected for this year,
► 3 or 4 songs have been recorded,
► The new album should feature 11 songs with completely different styles,
► Each album presents what Jolin likes at the moment. She’s been studying brain science and reading many books about psychology, and even reading 庄子 Zhuang Zhou to understand herself better and prepare the new album, so it should be her most honest album ever !

Click on the picture below to access the photo album !

Speaking of the new album, Jolin recorded a new song yesterday with NESE (PLAY我呸 PLAY‘s composer) ! These pictures originally come from Downtown Music Studio’s Facebook, but they have deleted their post since then.

Click on the picture below to access the photo album !

Jolin’s new album is still expected for this year, a Tour is supposed to follow in 2019.

After recording a new song, Jolin went to Taipei Arena in order to attend Namie Amuro’s concert ! Namie Amuro is performing for the last time in Taiwan on May 19th and May 20th as part of her Finally farewell Tour (she is retiring in September 2018).

Click on the picture below to access the photo album !

Jolin offered Namie a cake backstage, check it out below !




Jolin says in the attached text that she’s not satisfied with it, and even thought 2 days ago to throw it away.
She thanks 皇后陛下 Your Majesty which helped her bake the cake, and finish the part she couldn’t finish herself.

She thanks Namie as well: “Thanks to Namie for coming again. I cherish this accidental friendship. I was very happy to be ‘attacked’ everytime by her smile. I hope she will always smile brightly and her life will continue to be wonderful. I love her”.

Jolin also posted a picture of her and Namie with the cake: “Although I look calm, I was very shy when the goddess saw my cake !! (old and still shy haha)”


Jolin and Namie Amuro’s friendship started 6 years ago when Ge Fuhong (a Taiwanese producer and agent, she co-founded with Jolin her label Eternal Music) arranged a meeting between them (pictures HERE), after Jolin attended Namie’s concerts in Taiwan in 2004 and 2009.
The first time they met they chatted casually and got along, which resulted in the collaboration I’m Not Yours in 2014. Namie also appeared in the MV and was a guest performer at Jolin’s PLAY World Tour the year after (this performance can be seen on PLAY World Tour DVD/BD).
Jolin sent a basket of flowers when Namie came back to Taiwan in 2016 for her LIVEGENIC Tour (pictures HERE). Back then Jolin learned that Namie loved Baumkuchen, so she bought her one which was given to her backstage.


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