Listen to Jolin’s new single 我对我 The Player ! (and info about the new album’s progress)

A new single has been released today, it’s the theme song of the 10th anniversary of online game 地下城与勇士 DNF (Dungeon And Fighter, aka Dungeon Fighter Online) !

我对我 The Player (official English title) is now available worldwide on iTunes and Spotify.


我对我 The Player
Lyrics: 黃建洲 Huang Jianzhou
Music: 倪子岡 NESE / 王爺斯禹 Swing Wang

Listen to it below:


There is a music video for this song, but no release date yet, just a teaser:


Besides this, Jolin’s next release is expected to be her upcoming album ! Its style is said to be completely different than 我对我 The Player.
Jolin’s agent, Tom Wang, disclosed that the new album’s progress has reached 50%, so there’s a good chance it will be released at the end of the year.


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