Jolin attends press conference by Standard Chartered Bank & China Airlines

Jolin has been invited to be the new spokesperson of Standard Chartered Bank x China Airlines  for their joint campaign 定存利息換航空哩程 Constant Savings for Airline.

She has been chosen because she’s actually a customer of both companies, has an international image, and conforms to the product’s features.

Standard Chartered Bank (TW) customers can exchange their interests for China Airlines flights. The more they deposit, the more interests they will have, the more they will have for the flight.
For instance, with 150,000 “points”, it’s possible to get round-trip luxury business class tickets for a “Taipei – New-York” flight.

Press conference


  • Jolin might go to Europe for MV shooting(s).
  • She wants to go to Iceland.
  • She’s playing it safe with her savings, and intends to buy a house abroad.
  • Jolin also spends a lot of time in planes: more than 150 days per year !
  • She sleeps during flights. After she wakes up, she looks in the mirror before getting off the plane. If she didn’t sleep well, she calls a makeup artist for help because she wants to maintain good looks since she’s being photographed most of the time at the airport.

You can also see the cake Jolin baked for this event in the photo album below.

Click on the picture below to access the photo album !



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