Jolin’s schedule

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01/05 Kugou Music Awards in Beijing (China): HERE
01/10 Liaoning TV Spring Festival – recording (China): HERE
01/12 Sap FKOM in Beijing (China): HERE
01/13 Shaanxi TV Silk Road Spring Festival (China): HERE
01/17 ASUS year-end banquet in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
01/20 Event in Wuxi (China): HERE


02/15 Ginko International Group Concert in Shanghai (China)HERE
02/19 A CLASSIC World Tour in Taipei – Jacky Cheung (Taiwan): HERE
02/23 Fendi Fashion Show – Milan Fashion Week (Italy)HERE
02/23 Moschino Fashion Show – Milan Fashion Week (Italy)HERE
02/23 Bvlgari Dinner Party – Milan Fashion Week (Italy)HERE
02/24 Bvlgari Presentation – Milan Fashion Week (Italy): HERE


03/08 SHISEIDO 60th anniversary press conference in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
03/18 SHISEIDO 60th anniversary – spokesperson meeting in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
03/27 DV Resveratrol press conference in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE


04/16 THE GREAT YOGA World Tour in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE


05/20 Private fan meeting in Shanghai (China): HERE
05/24 Afternoon tea with Tom Cruise in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
05/27 Anessa press conference in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
05/28 Vatti Burning Love Concert in Changsha (China): HERE


06/10 Zhejiang TV Festival in Shenzhen (China): HERE
06/12 Xuyi International Langouste Festival in Huai’an (China): HERE
06/16 Stars Concert in Linyi (China): HERE
06/20 Migu Music press conference in Beijing (China): HERE
06/26 Tropicana press conference in Beijing (China): HERE


07/20 2017 MTV Global Chinese Music Festival in Shenzhen (China): HERE
07/22 2017 Love & Wonderful Art “Screaming Night” in Shenzhen (China): HERE
07/28 Chinese Dream – Blue Dream Stars Concert in Jiangdu (China): HERE
07/29 Luzhou Laojiao – Eternal Classic Superstar Concert in Changsha: HERE


08/04 “Lion Bay” Huang Longxi International Country Music Festival in Chengdu (China): HERE
08/08 ali 88 members – Enjoy the unlimited concert in Shanghai (China): HERE
08/12 Travel Tourism Carnival in Jingzhou (China): HERE
08/13 Star Festival 10th anniversary in Shenzhen (China): HERE
08/16 86mall festival in Shanghai (China): HERE
08/25 Superstar Concert in Lu’an (China): HERE
08/28 魯班設計尖貨節 Reinvent your world concert in Shanghai (China): HERE


09/01 Bvlgari Sisterhood Party in Beijing (China): HERE
09/02 Luzhou Laojiao – Eternal Classic Superstar Concert in Zhoukou (China): HERE
09/03 STAY REAL 10th anniversary concert in Shanghai (China): HERE
09/09 2017 BAZAAR Charity Night in Beijing (China): HERE
09/09 Stars Celebration Concert in Shijiazhuang (China): HERE 
09/16 Luzhou Laojiao – Eternal classic superstar concert in Linyi (China): HERE
09/20 CHANEL AIRSPACE event in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
09/22 Versace Fashion Show -Milan Fashion Week- in Milan (Italy): HERE
 09/28 Balmain Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2018 & Balmain Party -Paris Fashion Week- in Paris (France): HERE


10/19 PEEKABOO PROJECT Charity event in Hong Kong (Hong Kong): HERE


11/16 – BRAND’S event in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
11/17 – CODE COCO watch & GALLERY jewelry by Chanel event in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE