Jolin’s schedule

Tour dates won’t be included on this page.



01/02 PLAY World Tour DVD/BD press conference in Taichung (Taiwan)HERE
01/06 王國紀元 LORDS Mobile event in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
01/14 We Love – My Story Ta Song Concert in Chengdu (China): HERE
01/18 2018 Weibo Night in Beijing (China): HERE
01/21 New Year Concert in Wenzhou (China): HERE
01/28 Double PLAY fan meeting in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE


03/06 Ginko International Group Concert in Shanghai (China)HERE
03/14 First Selection of Michelin Guide Taipei 2018 in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
03/15 Bvlgari FESTA Jewelry & Watch exhibition in Shanghai (China): HERE
03/22 VERSACE 2018 Spring & Summer TRIBUTE & UNSEEN collection opening reception – China Tour in Beijing (China): HERE
03/30 LiQuan Beer 1998 Music Party in Guangxi (China): HERE


04/02 我想和你唱 Come Sing With Me press conference & 1st episode recording in Changsha (China): HERE
04/07 女王駕到 Everlasting Divas concert in Macao (Macao): HERE
04/10 Brand’s press conference in Hong Kong (Hong Kong): HERE
04/22 王國紀元 Lords Mobile event in Hong Kong (Hong Kong): HERE
04/28 FansTime International Festival & Global Community Event in Macao (Macao): HERE


05/05 Understanding Stars Concert in Zhangjiagang (China): HERE
05/31 Fubon Life Insurance 107-year Business Recognition Award Conference AAP in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE


06/16 DNF 10th anniversary concert in Shanghai (China): HERE
06/29 Migu Health Fitness Festival in Shanghai (China): HERE
06/30 Guest performance at Chris Lee/Li YuChun’s concert / liú xíng World Tour in Beijing (China): HERE


07/06 Love to the Stars Concert in Shenzhen (China): HERE
07/18 Blue Myth event in Xiamen (China): CANCELLED
07/26 TFCF press conference in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
07/31 Standard Chartered Bank x China Airlines press conference in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE


08/04 Guiyang Stars Night in Guiyang (China): HERE
08/08 alibaba 88 concert in Guangzhou: HERE
08/11 PONY PLAY Party Game in Shanghai: HERE
08/15 Samsung Galaxy Note 9 press conference in Taipei: HERE
08/17 Jiangsu show in Zhenjiang (China): HERE
08/18 REAL ME concert in Nanjing (China): HERE
08/25 Mayday Live Tour concert in Beijing (China): HERE


09/01 Luzhou Laojiao – Guojiao1573 “Glory Festival Music Season” in Suzhou (China): HERE
09/09 Return of the Goddess – Yiyang Stars Concert in Yiyang (China): HERE
09/13 Gucci store opening in Chengdu (China): HERE
09/15 “WE NAMIE FIREWORKS SHOW~I OKINAWA/I MUSIC~” – Namie Amuro’s last concert in Okinawa (Japan): HERE
09/21 Bvlgari event & dinner party at Milan Fashion Week (Italy): HERE
09/24 GUCCI show at Paris Fashion Week (France): HERE


10/05 Standard Chartered Bank’s Gala Dinner in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
10/06 Your Majesty pop-up store surprise appearance in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
10/13 Taipei Fashion Week – Vogue FNO event in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
10/16 Fendi Mania Launch Party in Hong Kong (Hong Kong): HERE
10/19 ONE NIGHT for Kids – Charity concert in Beijing (China): HERE
10/30 PONY live broadcast: HERE
10/31 DNF All-Star Night (closed event) – Shanghai (China)


11/01 GUCCI store opening in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
11/05 tokuyo press conference in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
11/08 Bvlgari Wild Pop Jewelry Show in Beijing (China): HERE
11/23 Event in Beijing (China): HERE
11/24 Event in Shanghai (China): HERE
11/25 Event in Kunming (China): HERE


12/01 ASIA FASHION AWARD 2018 in Taipei (Taiwan): HERE
12/08 12th Migu Music Festival in Shanghai (China): HERE
12/31 2019 Jiangsu TV New Year Concert in Macau (Macau): HERE