PLAY World Tour DVD/BD: official release date, tracklist, teasers, pre-order links !

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蔡依林Play世界巡迴演唱會 PLAY World Tour LIVE DVD/BD will be released on January 30th ! This is Jolin’s first Bluray release.

400 hours of footage from 26 cameras -on ground and aerial- have been condensed in this 2-hour concert. Since Jolin is a perfectionist, she went several times to the concert’s editing room, and she also adjusted audio a few times.
This release includes a 52x26cm poster and a hardcover 40-page booklet (size 14x28x1.5cm).

Pre-order links are now available. On 5music you can buy the DVD version for 19€39 or USD$22.98 (shipping fees not included) or the BD version for 28€13 or USD$33.34 (shipping fees not included).

Buy on 5music DVD | BD (Bluray)
Buy on YesAsia (coming soon)

Full tracklist

Section A – Magic World
美杜莎 Medusa
大丈夫 Real Man
美人計 Honey Trap
愛無赦 Bravo Lover

Section B – Spooky Chinese Horror Scene
I`m Not Yours
特務J Agent J
花蝴蝶 Butterfly
Love Love Love
布拉格廣場 Prague Square
第三人稱 The Third Person & I
獨佔神話 My own legend

Section C – 1920 Gatsby
大藝術家 The Great Artist
Mr. Q
唇語 Lip Reading
檸檬草的味道 The smell of lemongrass
我知道你很難過 I know you’re feeling blue
天空 Sky
七上八下 Butterflies in my stomach
Miss Trouble

Section D – The Sea World
日不落 Sun Will Never Set
無言以對 Nothing left to say

Section E – Pool Party
迷幻 Fantasy
愛情36計 36 tricks of love
電話皇后 Phony Queen
Dr. Jolin
舞孃 Dancing Diva
看我72變 Magic aka See my 72 Changes

Encore – Alice in Wonderland
不一樣又怎樣 We’re All Different, Yet The Same
Play我呸 PLAY

Behind The Scenes

“We Are All Different, Yet The Same” Documentary Series
Story of Lin Hsin Pei
Story of Tseng Ying Chi
Story of Katherine Tseng  1 | 2
Story of Yeh Yung Chih

Scrapped songs: the whole “old songs” segment (it was after 不一樣又怎樣 We’re All Different, Yet The Same and before Play我呸 PLAY), 野蠻遊戲 J-Game, You Gotta Know.


Jolin attends Huashan Social Welfare Foundation press conference in Taipei, and the 11th Migu Music Awards in Shanghai

On December 12th, Jolin attended 華山基金會 Huashan Social Welfare Foundation press conference in Taipei.

When asked about the new album, Jolin answered she was hoping to release it before next summer.

Jolin’s video for the Foundation, directed by Muh Chen (大藝術家 The Great Artist MV, PLAY我呸 PLAY MV, I’m Not Yours MV):

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Jolin won 3 awards at the 11th Migu Music Awards yesterday in Shanghai !

  • Best Female singer
  • Top 10 Gold Songs Of The Year (for We Are One)
  • Most Popular Stage Performance

New single幸福路上 On Happiness Road, 檸檬草的味道The smell of lemongrass, 獨佔神話 My Own Legend, and I’m Not Yours were also performed by Jolin on stage.

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New photoshoot for GRAZIA China, performance in Nanchang, & pre-order links now available for LP release of album J-Game

This photoshoot has been made in Milan back in September when Jolin attended Milan Fashion Week.

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On December 8th, Jolin performed six songs at 2017和你在一起巨星演唱會 “With You” Star Concert in Nanchang !

大艺术家 The Great Artist
I’m Not Yours
倒带 Rewind
第三人称 The Third Person And I
舞娘 Dancing Diva
日不落 Sun Will Never Set

大艺术家 The Great Artist + I’m Not Yours + 倒带 Rewind

第三人称 The Third Person And I+舞娘 Dancing Diva+日不落 Sun Will Never Set

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野蠻遊戲 J-Game LP has a release date ! It will be in stores starting from December 15th. You can already pre-order it online.
This edition is pressed in Germany with serial numbers.

Pre-order on 5music
Pre-order on YesAsia

[EDIT] LP release of album J-Game coming this month, Jolin auctions a bag for charity, participates in a T-shirt charity sale for stray animals


Sony Music Taiwan has announced an LP release for 野蠻游戲 J-Game (2005) ! It will be released in mid-December (December 22nd according to OnlyJolin@Weibo).

Stay tuned for more info !

Jolin is auctioning a bag for 2017 黃子佼 Huang Zijao Christmas charity auction exhibition at 黎畫廊 Lee Gallery in Taipei from December 3rd to December 24th.

All proceeds will go to 台灣神經纖維瘤協會 Taiwan Neurofibromatosis Association (

23. 蔡依林 Jolin X artist 劉芸柔 Li YunRou
Brand: Schouler
Color: Black
Size: 34x34x21cm with 51cm cylinder bag
Starting price: 3000(NT$) = 84,11 € or USD$100

Creative concept:
“Through the images of the goddess and the flower, I will draw the outline of the beauty of life with colorful embroidery threads. Through “You have not life, there is hope” and “You can not improve your past, but you can improve your future” people can always encourage themselves, regardless of illness or health, can be brave and have a positive face, so that life is full of love.”

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Jolin is participating in a T-shirt Charity sale for stray animals (cats & dogs) ! Click HERE.

Both T-shirts are limited to 1,000 copies.

Whoohoo, Jolin’s dog, is now 10 years-old. No matter how mischievous he can be, Jolin can never be mad at him, because he’s the greatest consolation of her soul.

After Prime Cost deduction, all profits will be donated to animal shelters 卓媽媽狗場 Zhang Mama Dog Farm (Taipei) and 拼圖喵中途之家 Jigsaw Meow Midway House (New Taipei).

Jolin performs at the 54th Golden Horse Awards in Taipei and at Love Concert in Zhengzhou

Last night Jolin performed her new single for the first time along with C-Pop classics !

甜蜜蜜 Sweet Honey Honey – 鄧麗君 Teresa Teng
流金歲月 The Golden Years – 甄妮 Jenny Tseng
最後一夜 The Last Night – 蔡琴 Tsai Chin
追夢人 Dream Chaser – 鳳飛飛 Feng Fei Fei
幸福路上 On Happiness Road – 蔡依林 Jolin
祝你幸福 I Wish You Happiness – 鳳飛飛 Feng Fei Fei

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Jolin’s vocal performance has been criticized by some netizens.
Tom Wang, Jolin’s agent, answered to these critics by saying he was the one who pushed Jolin to perform at the Golden Horse Awards and that she was very nervous while preparing and rehearsing this performance.

Jolin thanked the Golden Horse Awards on her Facebook for inviting her, saying that every opportunity is “rare and valuable”. She was nervous because there was no dance involved in the performance, but she was also feeling relaxed and happy.

Jolin also posted on her Facebook that she would come back next year with another medley of C-Pop classics to show her determination. She’s going to practice hard !

Jolin also performed on November 18th at 超級DIVA演唱會 Love Concert in Zhengzhou !

倒带 Rewind
日不落 Sun Will Never Set

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