Jolin reveals 消极掰 Life Sucks MV ! / Jolin dévoile le clip de 消极掰 Life Sucks !

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🇬🇧 消极掰 Life Sucks MV is now available !
Director is Jeff Chang (特務J Agent J, 電話皇后 Phony Queen, 腦公 Hubby MV).

MV making

The new MV like the previous ones provided an English translation for foreign fans, you can check it out by clicking on CC in the video or here:

This translation has been made for Jolin’s team by Bingo Bilingual !

消极掰 Life Sucks MV was not supposed to be launched so early, but fans were asking for it, so Jolin decided to shoot it in advance.
The song, which sounds full of negative energy but also has positive energy, has received enthousiastic feedback by many fans.
Jolin said: “I’m a little bit surprised, this song is completely a black horse that I did not expect !”

Jolin is wearing a gorgeous dress which came from Belgium by plane, with “Tears of demoralization” makeup.
She’s playing a lovelorn famous actress. 14 extras are also playing people from all walks of life: athlete, office worker, swimming coach…

This MV is not active at all, it’s showing giving up life to the extreme.

“If you encounter something that doesn’t go well, you can be lazy in order to find the motivation to move forward.”

Jolin Tsai

消极掰 Life Sucks’ choreography is called “Exercise demoralization”.
Jolin said: “Please try it ! I yawn everytime I jump, I feel so good !”

“I am not used to “lie down and earn money” ! But doing these lazy body movements in bed, in the end it was very exciting to dance with everyone on set !”

Jolin Tsai

This time director Jeff Chang let everyone lie in bed. It’s a very sad feeling. Jolin thinks this is a strong collective move.
In fact, when she’s not feeling inspired at all, sometimes she lies down and takes a break.

When facing negative situations, Jolin usually does something not related to the original thing to divert attention. For instance, when she’s angry, she writes in her diary, goes dancing or watching movies to vent.
Something that will easily give her negative thoughts ?
She laughed: “No holidays !”

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Jolin on cover of POPCLUB March/April issue, most popular singer on Spotify TW & UGLY BEAUTY in charts, 11th week: still #1 on KKBOX TW / Jolin en couverture de POPCLUB édition mars/avril, chanteuse la plus populaire sur Spotify TW & UGLY BEAUTY dans les charts, 11è semaine : toujours #1 sur KKBOX TW

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🇬🇧 Jolin is on cover of POPCLUB Singapore March/April issue ! Check out the pictures below !

On March 8th, International Women’s Day, Spotify Taiwan released a top 10 of the current most popular female singers, Jolin ranks #1 !

  1. Jolin Tsai
  2. Ariana Grande
  3. G.E.M
  4. Lady Gaga
  5. A-Lin
  6. aMEI
  7. Lala Hsu
  8. Tanya Chua
  9. Cheer Chen
  10. Halsey

UGLY BEAUTY is still going strong for its 11th week, see for yourself below:

Physical sales

5music – 2019/3/1 – 2019/3/7
UGLY BEAUTY represents 3,63% of CD sales

Digital sales

KKBOX TW – 2019/3/1 – 2019/3/7
Album ranking
KKBOX TW – 2019/3/1 – 2019/3/7
Song ranking
iTunes TW: live ranking (album) – screencap taken on March 8th at 1:13 PM France time

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“Lend Me Your Ear” by Shifang Ma – Jolin Tsai Interview / “Prêtez-moi l’oreille” de Shifang Ma – Interview de Jolin Tsai

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🇬🇧 This interview aired on radio on February 5th. It’s 1 hour and 47 minutes long. I highly recommend you to read the English translation of it, you’ll learn everything you wanted to know about UGLY BEAUTY !

English translation is divided into several parts:

  1. UGLY BEAUTY (album)
  2. Setting theme for UGLY BEAUTY
  3. Process of writing Necessary Evil
  4. Music Composing Camp
  5. Lyrics
  6. Process of writing Ugly Beauty (song)
  7. Music Video
  8. The Power of Now
  9. Looking for the songs of UGLY BEAUTY and her own voice
  10. Face your fears and searching answers
  11. Love your body
  12. Slow songs
  13. 20th anniversary
  14. Fans.
Full radio interview (in Chinese)

Big thanks to Jolin Muse who took the time to translate everything for us !

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Idol Producer Season 2, English subs available for the 6th episode, UGLY BEAUTY in charts, 10th week: still #1 on 5music, KKBOX TW… & Jolin goes to Milan Fashion Week / Saison 2 d’Idol Producer, sous-titres anglais disponibles pour le 6è épisode, UGLY BEAUTY dans les charts, 10è semaine : toujours #1 sur 5music, KKBOX TW… et Jolin se rend à la Fashion Week de Milan

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🇬🇧 Subbing team Qing Chun You Ni subs shared their latest release, the sixth episode of Idol Producer Season 2. Enjoy !

Jolin has joined the show this year as a dance mentor.

Last week, Jolin went to Milan, Italy in order to attend events held by Bvlgari during Milan Fashion Week.

She had some interviews there, including one where she disclosed that the 4th MV release should be for… 消極掰 Life Sucks !

UGLY BEAUTY is still going strong for its tenth week, see for yourself below:

Physical sales

5music – 2019/2/22 – 2019/2/28
UGLY BEAUTY represents 6,24% of CD sales

Digital sales

KKBOX TW – 2019/2/22 – 2019/2/28
Album ranking
KKBOX TW – 2019/2/22 – 2019/2/28
Song ranking
iTunes TW: live ranking (album) – screencap taken on March 1st at 11:02 AM France time

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Jolin poses for OK! Magazine, shoots MVs for 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red, 消極掰 Life Sucks, and 如果我沒有傷口 Vulnerability / Jolin pose pour OK! Magazine, tourne des clips pour 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red, 消極掰 Life Sucks, et 如果我沒有傷口 Vulnerability

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🇬🇧 Yesterday, OK! Magazine‘s Weibo revealed Jolin’s photoshoot for their upcoming issue !

Photographer is Zhong Lin, she’s the one behind UGLY BEAUTY’s limited pre-order version photoshoot.

On another note, Jolin has been very busy lately with MV shootings !

On February 18th, 消極掰 Life Sucks MV has been filmed by director Jeff Chang (特務 J Agent J, 電話皇后 Phony Queen, 腦公 Hubby). Shooting ended after 8 hours.

Picture from Jolin Studio Official@Weibo

Two days ago, Dee Hsu revealed during an event that 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV has been filmed as well ! It seems that it’s a “horror story”… She didn’t say anything about its director though.

Finally, Jolin stated during an interview with SoCosmo posted on Weibo yesterday that 如果我沒有傷口 Vulnerability MV is in the works !

Script is being written, if it’s good, MV will be filmed afterwards.

Starting from 2:14.

As far as we know, as for now Jolin has filmed MVs for every song from UGLY BEAUTY except for 惡之必要 Necessary Evil, 愛的羅曼死 Romance, 你睡醒再看 Shadow Self, and 玫瑰少年 Womxnly (a regular MV is scheduled).

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