Jolin releases a Dance Video for 玫瑰少年 Womxnly ! / Jolin sort une Dance Video pour 玫瑰少年 Womxnly !

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🇬🇧 It was announced only yesterday that a dance video would be provided for 玫瑰少年 Womxnly !

Jolin explained why she decided to release a dance video before the official MV:

“When I first started writing (the song), I wanted to show the beauty of my body. When I heard the arrangement, my body could not help but sway. It made me enjoy dancing in an instant. It’s like the body is emitting the language it wants! Love yourself is respecting your body’s intuitions and reactions. “

Jolin Tsai

She asked Ryan Parma, a director from LA who already collaborated with Korean singer CL for Hello B+tches, to film the dance video.

It took 10 hours to film Jolin and her 14 international dancers in a sequence shot (long take). They rehearsed for 3 days before the shooting.

The meaning of 玫瑰少年 Womxnly‘s lyrics is only expressed by the choreography.
The dance video is also showing Jolin’s acting and performing skills !

Director: Ryan Parma / Choreographer: Kiel Tutin
Making with comments in English by director & choreographer

Jolin expressed her gratitude on Instagram to the dancers, choreographer, and director:

This new video provided once again an English translation for foreign fans, you can check it out by clicking on CC in the video or here:

This translation has been made for Jolin’s team by Bingo Bilingual ! They also provided previously a translation for 怪美的 Ugly Beauty MV.

Finally, screencaps from the dance video are now available as well !


Idol Producer Season 2, English subs available for the 3rd episode, TV version of performance at 2019 Super Star Red & White available, & UGLY BEAUTY in charts, 7th week: still #1 on 5music, KKBOX TW… / Saison 2 d’Idol Producer, sous-titres anglais disponibles pour le 3è épisode, version TV du passage à l’émission 2019 Super Star Red & White disponible, & UGLY BEAUTY dans les charts, 7è semaine : toujours #1 sur 5music, KKBOX TW…

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🇬🇧 Subbing team Qing Chun You Ni subs shared their latest release, the third episode of Idol Producer Season 2. Enjoy !

Jolin has joined the show this year as a dance mentor.

TV version of Jolin’s performance at 2019超級紅白藝能大賞 2019 Super Star Red & White finally aired on February 4th for Chinese New Year !

怪美的 Ugly Beauty / 玫瑰少年 Womxnly / Play我呸 PLAY

UGLY BEAUTY is still going strong for its seventh week, see for yourself below:

Physical sales

5music – 2019/2/1 – 2019/2/7
UGLY BEAUTY represents 6,89% of CD sales

Digital sales

KKBOX TW – 2019/2/1 – 2019/2/7
Album ranking
KKBOX TW – 2019/2/1 – 2019/2/7
Song ranking
iTunes TW: live ranking (album) – screencap taken on February 7th at 9:41 AM France time
#6 腦公 Hubby
iTunes TW: live ranking (songs) – screencap taken on February 7th at 9:44 AM France time

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Jolin performs 玫瑰少年 Womxnly and 腦公 Hubby at signing session, talks about 甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure for POP radio, reveals the meaning of every UGLY BEAUTY song in new video / Jolin chante 玫瑰少年 Womxnly et 腦公 Hubby pendant une séance d’autographes, parle de 甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure pour POP radio, dévoile le sens de chaque chanson d’UGLY BEAUTY dans une nouvelle vidéo

🇫🇷 Version française page 2 !

Yesterday Jolin was in Taipei for the 1st signing session of UGLY BEAUTY.

Besides performing 玫瑰少年 Womxnly at the beginning and 腦公 Hubby at the end of the event, Jolin had lots of interaction with fans.

Her mother (and Whoohoo) also made a special appearance for a surprise orchestrated by Jolin for her birthday ! Fans sang “Happy Birthday” to her.

On January 15th, Jolin has been interviewed by POP radio.


  • Jolin’s new song “甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure” is talking boldly and explicitly about lust. She thinks that this is healthy and does not have to be taboo. She said that many people do not know their own body, they rely on guessing, and exaggerated acting. “How can I feel comfortable ?” Jolin said: “There must be much more educators to teach everyone, only then there will be much less sexual violence.”
  • “惡之必要 Necessary Evil” was preset right away as the opening song when it was still in the demo stage.
  • “甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure” was the first song of the album to be recorded. After adjusting the arrangement several times, Jolin added a sense of speed, to complete the feeling of being in ecstasy, the song has a hidden meaning that she wants to bring to the fans.
  • Jolin originally only wanted to release the album digitally. Afterwards, in order to provide fans the feeling of opening a physical version, CDs have been produced. Radio anchor said: “I own all your albums physically, how could I be missing this one ?” Seeing that he and her fans were madly obsessed with physical albums, Jolin said: “I’m very envious of your desire to grab things, if it was me I could forget about it right away”. She laughed and said that she was not interested in grabbing things. But she feels that it’s like being enthusiastic like a child, and that sharing on social networks is also kind of fun too.
  • Jolin shared a discovery she made after an improvisation course she took: “You don’t have to sing so high, you don’t have to sing so loudly, I can move myself.” She confided that she used to blindly pursue singing technique when she had insufficient self-confidence. “Because skill equals to good singing, it is equal to be the best female singer.”
    It was like this until she found her most comfortable and unrestrained style, then she dared to use her own voice on the new album. She hopes to bring positive messages to fans through the album, just like hearing a speech somewhere, you can get an upward boost.

“Big sister talks about UGLY BEAUTY !”

“Big sister talks about UGLY BEAUTY !”
That’s the name of the video uploaded on Jolin’s Youtube channel, she’s explaining the songs’ meaning in the video’s description. Translation below !

The order of the album’s tracks is like a message in the brain all day. You get up in the morning, experience a bunch of desires, emotions, and finally you have to go dream, rest well, face yourself, and another day comes once again.
1 “Necessary Evil”
Evil is not just evil for me.
It’s a lot of private emotions.
“Necessary Evil” is the prelude of the album.
It’s a bit like a horror movie because I want to tell everyone that going into your inner world is actually so horrible.
I want you to go to your heart to dig your inner story.
Maybe it’s very dirty inside. There are a lot of things that you don’t want to let others know.
First of all, you must love yourself.
You must also admit that you have such emotions.
When you are willing to face them, it doesn’t have to become the evil of your imagination.
2 “Womxnly”
I heard this rhythm when I was composing.
I really wanted to write about “the freedom of the body.”
When the rhythm of freedom is in the music, our body is the most sacred.
This rhythm makes me feel that I have to respect my body’s intuition.
And that I don’t have to live in the framework of society, I don’t have to think that femininity must be bad or that I have to be masculine, it must be what you want to pursue.
Whether it’s male or female, it’s actually a gender identity. It doesn’t have an established framework.
3 “Ugly Beauty”
Ugly Beauty’s entire album is about stories of emotion.
Something that happened to me or that I found out in my diary. I hope you can learn more about the “ugly beauty” after watching the MV.
In fact, I am like everyone else.
There will be a lot of uncertainty.
This is the life story that I stood up again from the mud.
These lyrics have a feeling of revenge for women.
I think this topic is very interesting.
I believe that everyone will have a day with a fight in their mind with black angels.
Of course, if you really want to retaliate against that person, the best way is to live better than him.
5 “Lady In Red”
I really like red very much.
Red, it has its own kind of power.
Red is blood, passion is a wound.
It’s the origin of life, it’s something we can’t lack.
When I was communicating with the producer, I said:
“I want a feeling of a ghost story.”
Because when you want to walk into the muddiest place in your heart, it’s actually a bit painful.
There is a feeling of a ghost that no one is going to save you from.
6 “Sweet Guilty Pleasure”
The most basic desires of mankind: sexual desire, appetite, any hope and wish.
In fact, it is reminding you to face it.
It’s just like a dessert for me.
There is a little bit of guilt, but it is a very unforgettable feeling of happiness.
Everything has its two sides. See how you think about it.
In the arrangement, there is a deliberate intention to create that kind of emotions to be high and then to calm down and then high.
There is a blood pulsing drama tension.
7 “Romance”
Everyone in the face of love will inevitably fantasize about some romantic plots.
Everyone’s view of romance is not necessarily the same as in movies.
Maybe there is a little difference between TV life and the real life.
In the portrayal of the lyricist Wyman Wong, there is a different interpretation of the definition of romance.
8 “Vulnerability”
The lyrics are how I am in love. I used to be timid.
In feelings, we can often fall later.
I am even more reluctant to admit that I don’t want to show my most vulnerable side to the other side.
As the lyrics say, if I didn’t have any wound, could it be considered a nice accomplishment ?
Sometimes we have to believe in the power of love.
9 “Hubby”
The most fanciful song in the album.
When I watch a drama, I often fall into pink bubble fantasy mode.
I think that I am so cute.
This is a fun activity.
I hope this song will one day be a wedding march for everyone.
10 “Life Sucks”
Ugly Beauty’s entire album is a bit like a conversation with our brain.
We have a lot of thoughts coming in every day.
Sometimes they’re negative, sometimes they’re happy, sometimes they’re irrelevant.
In fact, every day, you will encounter negative things that you have to fight against.
When you encounter bad things that ruins your mood, you will lose your willpower and your motivation.
But after all, you still have to face the impact of life on you.
We can only tell ourselves that these negative things will eventually leave us.
11 “Shadow Self”
This song is about dreams.
It’s only you and yourself when you’re asleep.
You will face a very naked dream.
I really believe in the words that the subconscious wants to tell you.
That is the most honest self. In the song, I hear a voice in my dream. It is also one of the subconscious dreams that record my own self-confidence.
I also encourage everyone to write down their dreams to analyze them.
Maybe it will tell you something different.

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Jolin performs 怪美的 Ugly Beauty & 玫瑰少年 Womxnly at TV recording, shoots MV for 甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure (+interview for UGLY BEAUTY) / Jolin interprète 怪美的 Ugly Beauty & 玫瑰少年 Womxnly lors de l’enregistrement d’une émission TV, tourne un clip pour 甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure (+interview pour UGLY BEAUTY)

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🇬🇧 Last Saturday, Jolin attended for the first time the recording of 2019 Super Star, Taiwanese version of Japan’s Kouhaku Utagassen.

She performed 怪美的 Ugly Beauty, 玫瑰少年 Womxnly and PLAY我呸 PLAY.

怪美的 Ugly Beauty performance
玫瑰少年 Womxnly performance

Host Huang Zikai congratulated her for celebrating her 20th anniversary, Jolin laughed and said “I debuted 2 years ago* !”
*(Note: She started working on UGLY BEAUTY 2 years ago).

2019 Super Star will air on February 4th for Chinese New Year.

甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure MV filming ended yesterday after 24 hours, Jolin posted some pictures for us:

Jolin’s dog Whoohoo also celebrated his 11th birthday on set !

There is no information at the moment about the MV director or its release date.

Jolin recently gave an interview for her new album UGLY BEAUTY, here’s a summary:

About 惡之必要 Necessary Evil
“Everyone should face their emotions. 惡之必要 Necessary Evil is the summary of UGLY BEAUTY. Nothing is absolutely good or bad, but there is a bit of horror to face what you are afraid of, so there is a terrible atmosphere in the arrangement. I tell you: be ready to go down to the dark and see yourself.”

► Jolin has been keeping a diary for 2 years
“When I feel distressed, I talk to myself by writing a diary. I think it is a good and safe place to vent, because I don’t need to be afraid of others misunderstanding me.”

About 玫瑰少年 Womxnly, her commitment for the LGBT community, and marriage equality in album 呸 PLAY
“I feel that freedom of the body is a right, everyone needs to give space and choice to anyone. Girls do not have to be feminine, boys do not have to be masculine. […] And PLAY World Tour video about Rose Boy (Yeh Yung Chih) left a deep impression on me.”

► About her favorite photoshoot for the album
消極掰 Life Sucks (the one with the blue dress from the limited edition) for its wide range of expressions.

► About feedbacks on UGLY BEAUTY
“I am actually only curious about feedbacks on 惡之必要 Necessary Evil, because I like it very much, I think it is very fresh, it is darker, and it is different from everyone’s impression of me […]. I like to scare everyone (laughs).”

“I hope that every song will get a music video. Because that’s the direction I’m going for when I’m searching for lyrics. When I see the lyrics, there is a picture in my mind, I will want to materialize them.”

► About the new Tour
“I haven’t thought of the script yet, but I believe that I should be able to play different things. It should be more visually stimulating than PLAY World Tour.”

► About 甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure
“I am very selfish, I want both.” (A partner with beautiful body and soul)

► About 腦公 Hubby
“My image of my husband is that I can be myself in front of him regardless of how I look.”

► About cakes
“To be honest, I haven’t made a cake in a year and a half, just to make the album”.

“I’ll give this album 100 points of course, because I committed myself fully to it, and in all honesty I have done my best”.

► About retirement
“I think that this day will come sooner or later, there is just no way to predict when. But I believe that even if I don’t sing in front of an audience, I will still like to sing in private, but not for a living.”

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UGLY BEAUTY listening session in Taipei: 5 songs revealed, Jolin talking about sex ?! / UGLY BEAUTY séance d’écoute à Taipei: 5 chansons dévoilées, Jolin parle de sexe ?!

🇫🇷 Version française page 2 !

🇬🇧 Yesterday Jolin held a listening session in Taipei for media and 10 lucky fans. They were able to listen to 6 songs off the album: 惡之必要 Necessary Evil, 怪美的 Ugly Beauty, 玫瑰少年 Womxnly, 如果我沒有傷口 Vulnerability, 腦公 Hubby, and 甜秘密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure.

Songs’ description:

  • 惡之必要 Necessary Evil

    • Lyrics: Li Weijing / Starr Chen – Music: Razor Chiang / Starr Chen

    • What fans have to say: Jolin’s voice is very low, the song is very depressing. Its style is even more “special” than 怪美的 Ugly Beauty’s. Described as “hardcore hip-hop”. It’s about the inner dark side and intends to tell the reason why a girl becomes “evil”…

    • What Jolin has to say: This is a style never seen before in her discography. After all the criticism on her performance at the Golden Horse Awards, Jolin chatted once about it and about women with novelist Li Weijing. After apologizing for this performance, she received love from everyone. The evil woman is not the one who wants to use violence and shoot with a gun. She may be emotionally traumatized and explore her fragile side, just like the villain of a fairytale. This song summarizes in a condensed way the content of the whole album. It is a way to go to her own dark side and face the most vulnerable one. “I want to say that I am evil, I am here”, “Who is the evil girl”, “I am so cold, so I am beautiful”

  • 怪美的 Ugly Beauty (we already know that one).

  • 玫瑰少年 Womxnly

    • Lyrics: Ashin from Mayday / Jolin – Music: Razor Chiang

    • What fans have to say: the lyrics are comforting after Taiwan’s referendums results (Taiwan said “no” to marriage equality). EDM, sad melody.

    • What Jolin has to say: she hopes to use this song to let everyone discover and learn to respect people who are different. It’s a mix between a mid-tempo and an uptempo. Jolin started to write the lyrics and asked Ashin to fill up the blanks. It was so well-written that Jolin said to him “I felt illiterate reading your words”. The song is about learning to love our body and respect it, and also respect others’ bodies. “You are not guilty”, “The world is guilty”, “Which rose will have no thorns” “The best revenge is beautiful” and “The most beautiful thing is to start counterattack”.

  • 如果我沒有傷口 Vulnerability

    • Lyrics: Liao Ting Yi – Music: Xiao Yu

    • What fans have to say: A love song never heard in Jolin’s discography. Ballad blending blues and gospel. The chorus is very moving. It’s about arming yourself in love and accept yourself.

    • What Jolin has to say: The more you’re in love, the more you lose courage, and you are easily hurt. Jolin’s love song is a way to make yourself comfortable, instead of taking someone else’s song to become someone else. “When you are strong and praised by everyone” “Is it enough to be your opponent?”

  • 腦公 Hubby

    • Lyrics: Li Ruo Jun

    • What fans have to say: A song that explores desire, and a young woman’s heart. A very lively song, similar to You Gotta Know. Cute pop-rock song.

    • What Jolin has to say: The idea for the song came from Korean dramas and love movies. When she watches them, Jolin wants to replace the female lead’s face by hers. She’s still looking forward to finding her “other half”, but she doesn’t feel lonely when she’s alone at home: “It is a kind of happiness to be able to get along with yourself.” Jolin wants to replace 今天你要嫁給我 Marry me today with this song and create a choreography for it. “I want to call you a hubby hubby” “Every minute, every second, hubby, hubby, hubby” “My hubby opens my mind”.

  • 甜秘密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure

    • Lyrics: A Di Zai – Music: Jolin / Olof Maarten Lindskog / Hayley Michelle Aitken / Johan Per Konrad Moraeus

    • What fans have to say: EDM. Explores desire, it’s a straightforward sex song, no innuendos. Pastry is also used as a metaphor for sex. A suitable background music to make love !

    • What Jolin has to say: Jolin values every part of the body, so she couldn’t ignore the “sex” part. “How long have you not looked at the mirror, have you touched your body, and found out where you like to be touched?” “Everyone feels desire, it’s not unusual, it’s not shameful, I’m almost 40 years-old !”

Jolin also revealed that she didn’t want to release a physical version for this album. Sony Music Taiwan advised her to do so, by telling her that she was still very beautiful and could still sell physical CDs.

Jolin stated several times this past year that she couldn’t see the appeal of CDs anymore, she doesn’t even have herself a CD player at home.

Pre-order UGLY BEAUTY Collector Edition
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