Listen to 讓愛傳出去 Let Love Spread Out!

About this new single: HERE.

Jolin’s new single has been released last Friday worldwide on iTunes, Spotify…

讓愛傳出去 / Rang Ai Chuan Chuqu / Let Love Spread Out
Lyrics & Music: Hong Yutong

A Music Video made of family pictures sent by people on DaAi TV* official Facebook aired today on that channel for Mother’s Day Eve in Taiwan!

*DaAi TV is a key component of Tzu Chi Foundation’s Cultural Mission.
About DaAi TV:

EDIT 05/20: official lyric video!


Charity single coming this Friday: 讓愛傳出去 Let Love Spread Out!

讓愛傳出去/Rang Ai Chuan Chuqu (literally “Let Love Spread Out”) is a cover of one of 慈濟 Tzu Chi Foundation‘s songs.
About Tzu Chi Foundation: (page in English)

Jolin has always been very involved in public welfare activities.
After seeing Tzu Chi’s volunteers earlier this year and hearing 讓愛傳出去 Let Love Spread Out performed by children, she decided to cover this song.

讓愛傳出去 Let Love Spread Out “children version”

讓愛傳出去 Let Love Spread Out has been re-arranged.
Jolin spent several days in the studio, and recorded two versions, a light one and a warm one. Jolin’s mother chose the latter. She said “very touching, very moving!” when she heard it.

Since her mother is also her biggest support, Jolin hopes to use this song as a Mother’s Day gift for her, and wishes a happy Mother’s Day to mothers all around the world.

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讓愛傳出去 Let Love Spread Out will have an MV, but there is no release date for it yet.

讓愛傳出去 (Let’s share our love)


有你的祝福 沒有過不去的苦


Ai shi kan bujian de yuyan
Ai shi mo bu dao de ganjue
Ai shi women xiao xiao de xin yuan
Xiwang ni ping’an kuaile yongyuan
Ai shi yangzhe tou de xiyue
Ai shi shuo bu chu de ganxie
Ai shi meitian duo fuchu yidian dian
Shuang shou heshi buzaihu kaoyan
Rang ai chuan chuqu
Ta xiang yangguang wennuan wo he ni
Bu guan you duo yaoyuan
Zong you dao di na yitian
Rang ai chuan chuqu
Na qianfang manman rensheng lu
You ni de zhufu meiyou guobuqu de ku


Love is an invisible language
Love is an intangible feeling
Love is our little wish
For you to be safe and happy always
Love is an uplifting joy
Love is an inexpressible gratitude
Love is giving more every single day
With our hands joined, we fear no obstacles
Let’s share our love
Like the sunshine it warms you and me
However far it may be
We will get there someday
Let’s share our love
The long roads ahead of us
With your blessings and love
There’s no pain that we can’t get over
Let’s share our love


Translation Chinese-English: Hui Ying Chin@youtube


L’amour est un langage invisible
L’amour est une émotion intangible
L’amour est notre petit souhait
que tu sois toujours en sécurité et heureux
L’amour est une joie qui te transporte
L’amour est une gratitude inexprimable
L’amour c’est donner plus chaque jour
Les mains jointes, on ne craint aucun obstacle
Partageons notre amour
Tel le rayon de soleil il nous réchauffe toi et moi
Peu importe la distance
On y arrivera un jour
Partageons notre amour
Les longues routes devant nous
Avec ta bénédiction et ton amour
Il n’y a aucune épreuve qu’on ne puisse surmonter
Partageons notre amour