Jolin attends MTV Global Chinese Music Awards & Night Concert in Shenzhen, sends cake to friend Show Luo for his birthday

Jolin attended MTV Global Chinese Music Awards in Shenzhen (China) last Thursday!

She won 3 awards: “Top 10 Songs” for PLAY我呸 PLAY, “Most Popular Female Singer” and finally “Global Chinese Artist”.

Jolin also performed 大藝術家 The Great Artist, 迷幻 Fantasy, 美人計 Honey Trap, and PLAY我呸 PLAY (TV version will air on August 4th).

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Jolin revealed during a backtage interview that she had 8 songs out of 10 for the new album, but added that she was stuck right now because of lyrics. She asked Ashin from Mayday to write lyrics for her, but he hasn’t handed any work yet.

Two days later, Jolin performed once again in Shenzhen at 2017爱奇艺”尖叫之夜”唱会 Love & Wonderful Art “Screaming Night”.



倒帶 Rewind

大藝術家 The Great Artist

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On July 23rd Jolin offered Show Luo a cake for the 10th anniversary of his Singaporean Fan Club SFC (Show Fans Club) and his birthday (July 30th)! She also took the time to shoot a video aired during the event.


Batch of news: new album, photoshoot for ZINE Magazine, new endorsement Tokuyo TW, ambassador for Love Myself in Taiwan

Jolin talked a bit about the new album with Billboard!

“My next step is to concentrate on my new album’s production. I want to talk more about females. Because I have been exploring some social and mental phenomena related to females in recent years now I have a lot to say to girls. And I also want to say something on behalf of women. Therefore that’s the direction my new album is [heading] to.”

This snippet comes from this interview (in English): C-Pop Star Jolin Tsai on LGBTQ+ Representation in Her Music: ‘I Am Just Following My Heart’.

Jolin’s new album is expected to be released at the end of this year.

ZINE Magazine June 2017

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Tokuyo TW

Tokuyo is a massage chair brand.

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為 i 篩檢 Love Myself

Jolin is 為 i 篩檢 Love Myself‘s new ambassador!
為 i 篩檢 Love Myself is made of a group of professionals concerned with the AIDS issue, including doctors, nurses, social workers, psychological counselors, case managers…

They invited Jolin with the aim of increasing awareness and the participation of young people in AIDS prevention and control.

Jolin declared that love is the same for everyone, we all want to spend a long time with our partner.
In order to do that, we need to know our own health and accept an HIV screening in order to protect ourselves and our partner at the same time. Everyone must care about it, not only specific groups of people.
She also had some words for people suffering of the disease saying that they must keep a positive attitude to face AIDS: through the help of professional medical care, it is possible to maintain a certain quality of life.

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PLAY World Tour DVD coming soon + Guest performance at Yoga Lin’s World Tour

Jolin posted pictures -including the one below- on her various accounts (Facebook, Weibo, Instagram…) and told us that “Play Tour live is coming […] soon”.

#Playtour live is coming to you soon –

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Since a charity single is supposed to be released in May, will the DVD (and BD?) be released at the same time?

Stay tuned for more info!

On April 16th Jolin performed on stage with 林宥嘉 Yoga Lin at Taipei Arena (this concert was part of THE GREAT YOGA World Tour)!

Setlist: 舞娘 Dancing Diva + 思凡 Captain S.V


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Milan Fashion Week: Jolin’s schedule, 1st day recap, new single coming!

Jolin left Taipei for Milan on February 21st.

Her agent, Tom Wang, who is accompanying her, said about the new album that they only received one or two good songs, they’re working on the lyrics.

Besides her Milan Fashion Week attendance, Jolin is thinking of visiting Venice or Florence. She will return to Taiwan this Sunday.

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Jolin’s schedule at Milan Fashion Week:

  • 02/23 – Fendi Fashion Show
  • 02/23 – Moschino Fashion Show
  • 02/23 – Bvlgari Dinner Party
  • 02/24 – Bvlgari Presentation


Pictures of the 1st day:


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Bvlgari Dinner Party

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Jolin revealed at Fendi Fashion Show that a new single will be released (soon?) but she’s still trying to find the right lyrics!