Jolin performs songs from UGLY BEAUTY at the KKBOX Music Awards & signing session in Kaohsiung, invites Dee Hsu to star in 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV ! / Jolin interprète des chansons d’UGLY BEAUTY aux KKBOX Music Awards & à une séance d’autographes à Kaohsiung, invite Dee Hsu à jouer dans le clip de 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red !

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🇬🇧 Jolin performed several songs from UGLY BEAUTY at the KKBOX Music Awards last Saturday in Taipei !

惡之必要 Necessary Evil (intro)
甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure
怪美的 Ugly Beauty
腦公 Hubby

She declared there that she has been very busy with the new album’s promotion, she’s tired and caught a cold as well.
As a consequence, she intends to get rest for 2 weeks at the end of January. She will celebrate Chinese New Year (February 5th) with her mom in Taipei.

Jolin hopes to shoot all MVs this year and also start the new tour before the end of 2019.

On the next day she held a signing session for UGLY BEAUTY in Kaohsiung, where she performed 腦公 Hubby, 消極掰 Life Sucks, and 怪美的 Ugly Beauty !

► 腦公 Hubby – 9:52
► 消極掰 Life Sucks – 57:19
► 怪美的 Ugly Beauty – 1:05:20

徐熙娣 Dee Hsu (aka 小S Xiao S) will appear in 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV !
She declared: “I’m under pressure !” And added: “Actually, I regret a bit taking this role, for this work, I am now starting to eat hard-boiled eggs !”
She keeps asking her staff: “How do I look ?”, and after listening to everyone’s praise, her confidence comes back: “The old lady is fighting !”

Jolin’s agent, Tom Wang, stated: “Thank you for your concern. Xiao S has always been an artist that Jolin likes very much. We are also looking forward to great work happening!”

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