[EDIT 4/3 MV making available] 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV is finally here ! / [MAJ 03/04 making-of disponible] Le clip de 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red est enfin là !

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🇬🇧 After a week of teasers, you can now finally watch 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV !

Jolin and Dee Hsu are acting as childhood friends, Wang Po-Chieh as Jolin’s fiancé…

Warning, some scenes are not suitable for all audiences.

Director: Cheng Wei-Hao
Guest stars: Dee Hsu, Wang Po-Chieh
MV making

The new MV like the previous ones provided an English translation for foreign fans, you can check it out by clicking on CC in the video or here:

This translation has been made for Jolin’s team by Bingo Bilingual !

Before its premiere on YouTube, 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV has been introduced in a preview showing to 60 lucky fans today at midnight Taiwan time in a theater in Taipei !

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[EDIT 3/28: New teasers] Horror MV 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red coming next week ! / [MAJ 28/03 : nouveaux teasers] Le clip d’horreur 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red débarque la semaine prochaine !

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🇬🇧 All translations by Jolin Jeneration unless stated otherwise.

紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV will be released on April 2nd, for Qingming Holiday.

Director is 程偉豪 Wei-Hao Cheng, the man behind horror movies 紅衣小女孩 The Tag Along and its sequel (posters above), inspired by Taiwanese urban legend “The Little Girl In Red”.

This urban legend also inspired the song 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red (at least music-wise), which is why Jolin asked him to shoot this MV.

“I really like red very much.
Red, it has its own kind of power.
Red is blood, passion is a wound.
It’s the origin of life, it’s something we can’t lack.
When I was communicating with the producer, I said: “I want a feeling of a ghost story.”
Because when you want to walk into the muddiest place in your heart, it’s actually a bit painful.
There is a feeling of a ghost that no one is going to save you from.”

Jolin Tsai about song 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red

You can find info about the urban legend (and the first movie) below !

Five promotional posters and a teaser have been posted online by Jolin’s team.

Promotional posters with English translation

MV Teaser

In the pure white snow, a headless female corpse with a bright red wedding dress, a wedding ceremony like a funeral, a beheading murder case exposing the darkness of human nature, exposing the story of a complicated love and hatred triangle. Everyone is anxious, in the end, who is the murderer in this beheading murder case ?

徐熙娣 Dee Hsu and actor 王柏傑 Po-Chieh Wang are guest-starring in this horror MV. 徐熙娣 Dee Hsu is playing the part of Jolin’s best friend, 王柏傑 Po-Chieh Wang the part of the groom.

They also share a kissing scene.
Dee Hsu asked Jolin if she was jealous, she shook her head shyly and said no. Dee Hsu said angrily (as an act): “That’s because you’re not married ! I’ve been married for 12 years, as long as it’s not my husband’s kiss, I can receive it !”

“I waited until Jolin invited me at last. And it’s a horror story filmed by 紅衣小女孩 The Tag Along director on top of that, so I was eager to try ! Actually, I was worried to not be able to act in the MV. However, after reading the script, I realized that it had been written for me. Because I found out that I had a kissing scene with the male lead, so I told my agent right away “I pick it up !”

Dee Hsu

When Dee Hsu asked Jolin why she wanted her for the MV, Jolin answered: “Because your figure is very suitable !”
This left Dee Hsu totally dumbfounded since she thought that Jolin would answer “Because you’re the most suitable person for the role” !

It only took 2 takes to complete the kissing scene. Dee Hsu shouted: “How come it has been completed so fast ? Can we do it again ?”

Sony Music Taiwan is also holding an event, a few lucky fans will be able to watch the MV in a theater at midnight Taiwan time on April 2nd !

紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV in theater
MV duration: 5 minutes

紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV will be uploaded afterwards on Jolin’s YouTube channel at noon Taiwan time on April 2nd.

EDIT 3/28: new teasers have been revealed !

“That year, you gave me a hairpin, and said that we would be good sisters forever.
Oh, light the candle, and you’ll be able to see my words at once…
I hope that my apologies can make you forgive me…”
“Dear Sis, how are you doing ?
I would like to be honest with you. Every time I think about you, I feel like I owe you something. But I know you won’t be mad at me because I’m your most favoured little sister. Since young, you always share with me all the good stuff, just like the blue apple. Although we’re not biological sisters but our relationship is thicker than ever, right, sis ?”
English translation: jolinmuse@Twitter
“Yesterday’s letter, did you read it ? I still remember when I was a child you would always share Tanghulu with me, and that blue apple…
But you still remember… How to draw it, how to draw it ?
Send it to me: go6cp4ji3@gmail.com”

If you send a drawing of a blue apple at the mail address above, you’ll get this:

“Today my older sister told me the story of a spirit (living) in a lake.
One day, the axe of a woodcutter accidentally fell into the lake. At this moment, a figure emerged from the lake, it was the spirit (living) in the lake !
The spirit (living) in the lake asked the woodcutter: “Did you lose a golden axe or a silver axe ?”
The woodcutter said: “I lost an old axe”.
The spirit (living) in the lake felt that the woodcutter was being very honest (towards him).
So the spirit (living) in the lake gave right away a golden axe and a silver axe to the woodcutter.
But none of them had seen that there was actually a pair of sisters nearby on the edge of the lake who had seen everything, and they threw an old axe into the lake on purpose.
The spirit (living) in the lake asked them: “Did you lose a golden axe or a silver axe ?”
The sisters said: “We lost a ???* axe.”
The spirit (living) in the lake snickered…”

*The Chinese sign has been altered on purpose…
From a newspaper (English translation by jolinmuse@Twitter):
Me, Dee Hsu apologized on newspaper officially because I have done something that harmed Jolin Tsai. But I hope that she can let go and give me all the good stuff just like what she used to do when we were little.
Apologize – Dee Hsu

Jolin poses for OK! Magazine, shoots MVs for 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red, 消極掰 Life Sucks, and 如果我沒有傷口 Vulnerability / Jolin pose pour OK! Magazine, tourne des clips pour 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red, 消極掰 Life Sucks, et 如果我沒有傷口 Vulnerability

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🇬🇧 Yesterday, OK! Magazine‘s Weibo revealed Jolin’s photoshoot for their upcoming issue !

Photographer is Zhong Lin, she’s the one behind UGLY BEAUTY’s limited pre-order version photoshoot.

On another note, Jolin has been very busy lately with MV shootings !

On February 18th, 消極掰 Life Sucks MV has been filmed by director Jeff Chang (特務 J Agent J, 電話皇后 Phony Queen, 腦公 Hubby). Shooting ended after 8 hours.

Picture from Jolin Studio Official@Weibo

Two days ago, Dee Hsu revealed during an event that 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV has been filmed as well ! It seems that it’s a “horror story”… She didn’t say anything about its director though.

Finally, Jolin stated during an interview with SoCosmo posted on Weibo yesterday that 如果我沒有傷口 Vulnerability MV is in the works !

Script is being written, if it’s good, MV will be filmed afterwards.

Starting from 2:14.

As far as we know, as for now Jolin has filmed MVs for every song from UGLY BEAUTY except for 惡之必要 Necessary Evil, 愛的羅曼死 Romance, 你睡醒再看 Shadow Self, and 玫瑰少年 Womxnly (a regular MV is scheduled).

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Jolin performs songs from UGLY BEAUTY at the KKBOX Music Awards & signing session in Kaohsiung, invites Dee Hsu to star in 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV ! / Jolin interprète des chansons d’UGLY BEAUTY aux KKBOX Music Awards & à une séance d’autographes à Kaohsiung, invite Dee Hsu à jouer dans le clip de 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red !

🇫🇷 Version française page 2.

🇬🇧 Jolin performed several songs from UGLY BEAUTY at the KKBOX Music Awards last Saturday in Taipei !

惡之必要 Necessary Evil (intro)
甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure
怪美的 Ugly Beauty
腦公 Hubby

She declared there that she has been very busy with the new album’s promotion, she’s tired and caught a cold as well.
As a consequence, she intends to get rest for 2 weeks at the end of January. She will celebrate Chinese New Year (February 5th) with her mom in Taipei.

Jolin hopes to shoot all MVs this year and also start the new tour before the end of 2019.

On the next day she held a signing session for UGLY BEAUTY in Kaohsiung, where she performed 腦公 Hubby, 消極掰 Life Sucks, and 怪美的 Ugly Beauty !

► 腦公 Hubby – 9:52
► 消極掰 Life Sucks – 57:19
► 怪美的 Ugly Beauty – 1:05:20

徐熙娣 Dee Hsu (aka 小S Xiao S) will appear in 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV !
She declared: “I’m under pressure !” And added: “Actually, I regret a bit taking this role, for this work, I am now starting to eat hard-boiled eggs !”
She keeps asking her staff: “How do I look ?”, and after listening to everyone’s praise, her confidence comes back: “The old lady is fighting !”

Jolin’s agent, Tom Wang, stated: “Thank you for your concern. Xiao S has always been an artist that Jolin likes very much. We are also looking forward to great work happening!”

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