Jolin releases MV (w/ English subs) & making for 腦公 Hubby: discover all references to HK movies ! / Jolin dévoile le clip (avec sous-titres anglais) et le making de 腦公 Hubby : découvrez toutes les références aux films hongkongais !

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🇬🇧 腦公 Hubby MV by director Jeff Chang (特務J Agent J, 電話皇后 Phony Queen MV) has been revealed yesterday, its making has been posted several hours later !

It’s inspired by classic HK movies of the 80s & 90s, such as 賭神 God of Gamblers, 與龍共舞 Dances with Dragon, 破壞之王 Love on Delivery, and 暫時停止呼吸 Mr Vampire.
Some classic scenes from these movies are reenacted in the MV where actors 吳君如 Sandra Ng and 鄭愷 Zheng Kai also stars.

Jolin plays the daughter of 酒令茶餐廳* Jiu Ling Tea Restaurant‘s owner, 吳君如 Sandra Ng a “marriage goddess”, and 鄭愷 Zheng Kai the “hubby”.

*酒令 Jiu Ling is Jolin’s nickname, 茶餐廳 is a kind of restaurant commonly found in HK.

MV Making

I tried to make a list of all HK movies’ references made in the MV, check them out below !

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Listen to 幸福路上 On Happiness Road and watch its MV!

幸福路上 On Happiness Road has been released worldwide today on iTunes, Spotify…

幸福路上 On Happiness Road (11/20/2017)
Taiwanese animation movie 幸福路上 On Happiness Road 2017 theme song
Lyrics: Francis Lee
Music: Mickey Lin

The new single’s music video is showing Jolin recording the song.  Clips from the animated movie are featured as well.

New single (+ MV) coming on November 20th: 幸福路上 On Happiness Road !

幸福路上 On Happiness Road is the theme song of the movie of the same name.

Jolin has been deeply moved by the spirit of the movie and wants to dedicate this song to her hometown, Hsinchuang.
She tried a different way of singing in this song, and hopes she was able to tell the moving story of the movie properly.

Movie’s director is from Hsinchuang as well, she used her hometown as an inspiration for 幸福路上 On Happiness Road.
Director 宋欣穎 Song Hsin-yin said that Jolin was the best choice for the song, not only because she’s a fan of hers in the first place, but because the movie’s story is her story as well (the movie is about a girl growing up).
Movie info:

Movie trailer with English subs

A 3 year-old Jolin appears on the cover ! When Jolin looked at her childhood pictures, she remembered her experience of growing up with emotion: “I have a lot of love, I am a very lucky person. I hope this song will bless everyone who has lived a hard life. Even if you are frustrated and hurt, if you hug yourself with a sincere heart, you are on your own path to happiness !”

Song preview

幸福路上 On Happiness Road (song) will be available on November 20th at midnight Taiwan time. MV will be revealed on the same day at 8:00 PM Taiwan time.

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