Jolin releases MV (w/ English subs) & making for 腦公 Hubby: discover all references to HK movies ! / Jolin dévoile le clip (avec sous-titres anglais) et le making de 腦公 Hubby : découvrez toutes les références aux films hongkongais !

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🇬🇧 腦公 Hubby MV by director Jeff Chang (特務J Agent J, 電話皇后 Phony Queen MV) has been revealed yesterday, its making has been posted several hours later !

It’s inspired by classic HK movies of the 80s & 90s, such as 賭神 God of Gamblers, 與龍共舞 Dances with Dragon, 破壞之王 Love on Delivery, and 暫時停止呼吸 Mr Vampire.
Some classic scenes from these movies are reenacted in the MV where actors 吳君如 Sandra Ng and 鄭愷 Zheng Kai also stars.

Jolin plays the daughter of 酒令茶餐廳* Jiu Ling Tea Restaurant‘s owner, 吳君如 Sandra Ng a “marriage goddess”, and 鄭愷 Zheng Kai the “hubby”.

*酒令 Jiu Ling is Jolin’s nickname, 茶餐廳 is a kind of restaurant commonly found in HK.

MV Making

I tried to make a list of all HK movies’ references made in the MV, check them out below !

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腦公 Hubby MV to be revealed on January 28th (promo pics, teaser…) ! / Le clip de 腦公 Hubby dévoilé le 28 janvier (photos promo, teaser…) !

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🇬🇧 腦公 Hubby MV is coming on January 28th at 12:00 PM (Taiwan time) !
Director is Jeff Chang (特務J Agent J, 電話皇后 Phony Queen MV).

It’s inspired by classic HK movies of the 80s (& 90s), such as 賭神 God of Gamblers, 與龍共舞 Dances with Dragon, 破壞之王 Love on Delivery, and 暫時停止呼吸 Mr Vampire.
Some classic scenes from these movies are reenacted in the MV with actors 吳君如 Sandra Ng and 鄭愷 Zheng Kai.

A teaser has been posted two days ago on Jolin’s YouTube channel:

Jolin plays the daughter of 酒令茶餐廳* Jiu Ling Tea Restaurant‘s owner, 吳君如 Sandra Ng a “marriage goddess”.

*酒令 Jiu Ling is Jolin’s nickname, 茶餐廳 is a kind of restaurant commonly found in HK.

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Jolin attends Standard Chartered Bank Charity Marathon, shoots 腦公 Hubby MV, talks about upcoming MVs during radio interview / Jolin assiste au marathon caritatif de la Standard Chartered Bank, tourne le clip de 腦公 Hubby, et parle des futurs clips pendant une interview à la radio

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🇬🇧 Jolin attended Standard Chartered Bank Charity Marathon yesterday in Taipei !

Following fans’ disappointment since only 2 signing sessions are scheduled for UGLY BEAUTY (on Jan. 20th and Jan. 27th), she stated that there might be other opportunities to meet her.

Tom Wang, Jolin’s agent, added that they have a long promotion period anyway.

*“Standard Chartered Taipei Charity Marathon” is the biggest and the most visually-impaired (VI) runners participated marathon in Taiwan. The major difference which sets Standard Chartered Taipei Charity Marathon apart from others is its good cause of visually impaired caring. For the past 6 years, Standard Chartered Bank has cumulatively donated NT$60 million through the race event and found job placements for around 500 visually impaired in Taiwan. The theme of 2019 is “Be Fearless”.
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A couple of days ago, Jolin posted these pictures on Weibo, revealing her style for 腦公 Hubby MV !

A picture of her with Chinese actor Zheng Kai* also surfaced on Weibo, looks like he will be the “Hubby” ?

腦公 Hubby will be the third music video of UGLY BEAUTY. Its director is Jeff Chang (特務 J Agent J MV, 電話皇后 Phony Queen MV).

*Zheng Kai, also known as Ryan Zheng, is a Chinese actor and television personality. He graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy Performance Institute in 2008. Zheng is best known for being a cast member in the variety show Keep Running.
He is also known for starring in films So Young, My Lucky Star, Personal Tailor and Ex-Files.
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Jolin has been interviewed yesterday by UFO radio.

She stated that 7 MVs are scheduled at the moment: 玫瑰少年 Womxnly, 你也有今天 KARMA (choreography scheduled, script is being written), 甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure (already filmed), 如果我沒有傷口 Vulnerability, 腦公 Hubby (already filmed), 消極掰 Life Sucks, and 惡之必要 Necessary Evil.

Nothing yet for 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red, 愛的羅曼死 Romance, and 你睡醒再看 Shadow Self

UGLY BEAUTY‘s 2nd music video will be 甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure, and the 3rd one will be 腦公 Hubby !

Jolin performs 怪美的 Ugly Beauty & 玫瑰少年 Womxnly at TV recording, shoots MV for 甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure (+interview for UGLY BEAUTY) / Jolin interprète 怪美的 Ugly Beauty & 玫瑰少年 Womxnly lors de l’enregistrement d’une émission TV, tourne un clip pour 甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure (+interview pour UGLY BEAUTY)

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🇬🇧 Last Saturday, Jolin attended for the first time the recording of 2019 Super Star, Taiwanese version of Japan’s Kouhaku Utagassen.

She performed 怪美的 Ugly Beauty, 玫瑰少年 Womxnly and PLAY我呸 PLAY.

怪美的 Ugly Beauty performance
玫瑰少年 Womxnly performance

Host Huang Zikai congratulated her for celebrating her 20th anniversary, Jolin laughed and said “I debuted 2 years ago* !”
*(Note: She started working on UGLY BEAUTY 2 years ago).

2019 Super Star will air on February 4th for Chinese New Year.

甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure MV filming ended yesterday after 24 hours, Jolin posted some pictures for us:

Jolin’s dog Whoohoo also celebrated his 11th birthday on set !

There is no information at the moment about the MV director or its release date.

Jolin recently gave an interview for her new album UGLY BEAUTY, here’s a summary:

About 惡之必要 Necessary Evil
“Everyone should face their emotions. 惡之必要 Necessary Evil is the summary of UGLY BEAUTY. Nothing is absolutely good or bad, but there is a bit of horror to face what you are afraid of, so there is a terrible atmosphere in the arrangement. I tell you: be ready to go down to the dark and see yourself.”

► Jolin has been keeping a diary for 2 years
“When I feel distressed, I talk to myself by writing a diary. I think it is a good and safe place to vent, because I don’t need to be afraid of others misunderstanding me.”

About 玫瑰少年 Womxnly, her commitment for the LGBT community, and marriage equality in album 呸 PLAY
“I feel that freedom of the body is a right, everyone needs to give space and choice to anyone. Girls do not have to be feminine, boys do not have to be masculine. […] And PLAY World Tour video about Rose Boy (Yeh Yung Chih) left a deep impression on me.”

► About her favorite photoshoot for the album
消極掰 Life Sucks (the one with the blue dress from the limited edition) for its wide range of expressions.

► About feedbacks on UGLY BEAUTY
“I am actually only curious about feedbacks on 惡之必要 Necessary Evil, because I like it very much, I think it is very fresh, it is darker, and it is different from everyone’s impression of me […]. I like to scare everyone (laughs).”

“I hope that every song will get a music video. Because that’s the direction I’m going for when I’m searching for lyrics. When I see the lyrics, there is a picture in my mind, I will want to materialize them.”

► About the new Tour
“I haven’t thought of the script yet, but I believe that I should be able to play different things. It should be more visually stimulating than PLAY World Tour.”

► About 甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure
“I am very selfish, I want both.” (A partner with beautiful body and soul)

► About 腦公 Hubby
“My image of my husband is that I can be myself in front of him regardless of how I look.”

► About cakes
“To be honest, I haven’t made a cake in a year and a half, just to make the album”.

“I’ll give this album 100 points of course, because I committed myself fully to it, and in all honesty I have done my best”.

► About retirement
“I think that this day will come sooner or later, there is just no way to predict when. But I believe that even if I don’t sing in front of an audience, I will still like to sing in private, but not for a living.”

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UGLY BEAUTY press conference recap, 怪美的 Ugly Beauty MV concept & nods to Jolin’s past / Résumé de la conférence de presse d’UGLY BEAUTY, concept du clip d’怪美的 Ugly Beauty et clins d’oeil au passé de Jolin

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🇬🇧 Yesterday a press conference took place in Beijing for the launch of UGLY BEAUTY !

Full press conference

Jolin cried while recalling her past struggles:

“I used to be called fat, seafood sauce, squid, my facial features were called strange… When I was walking down the street during that time, when people looked at me, I would think that everyone hated me. At that time, although I seemed to be fine on the surface, in fact, my heart was already very unhappy. The cover of the album [note: regular version] actually intends to tell everyone that I have overcome this, so you can too, I think I am very brave.”

Jolin was always feeling that what she was doing was not enough, not perfect enough. She hit rock bottom during the promotion of 花蝴蝶Butterfly, Jolin in 2009. Overwhelmed by work to the point that she even considered retiring, she couldn’t find motivation and meaning anymore.

Jolin revealed that she wants to hold a concert for her 20th anniversary but also show the concept of UGLY BEAUTY‘s entire album on stage.

怪美的 Ugly Beauty MV has finally been released yesterday !
This music video is about all the criticism from media, netizens, and even from herself, that Jolin had to bear for the past 20 years, how it affected her deeply, and the fact that she finally overcame all that and made peace with herself.

It contains lots of nods to Jolin and her career, here we go (sources: Jasper T & Lee Wan Yeow@YouTube):

We can see Whoohoo, PLAY我呸 PLAY MV characters, the bird from 大藝術家 The Great Artist MV, but also MVs from 呸 PLAY (I’m not yours, 美杜莎 Medusa…) & PLAY World Tour introduction video playing on TVs.
“The Supreme Court of Beauty” has been founded in 1980, Jolin’s birth year.
This picture of Jolin has been taken this year, netizens started to say that she lost her abs, that she got fat, that she was neglecting herself…
Jolin is wearing what looks like 愛無赦 Bravo Lover MV’s prisoner outfit. “JT-20181226” can be read on her top (JT = Jolin Tsai, 20181226 = album & MV release date).
愛無赦 Bravo Lover MV
The name of the restaurant: 宜翎海鮮 Yiling Seafood.
宜翎 Yiling is a mix between Jolin’s first name by birth 宜凌 and her “real” first name (her stage first name is 依林 Yilin).
必要之饿, a meaning of starving is a must,
she forces herself to eat as little as possible to lose weight.
Jolin is plunging the salad into the bowl to remove all oil before eating it.
It seems that she used to do that as part of her diet.
Jolin is wearing the “J” hat from Dr Jolin MV.
Dr Jolin MV
Netizens used to say that Jolin would never be pale enough, pretty enough.
That’s why she’s turned into a statue here (Venus de Milo).

The fact that she has arms make her an ordinary statue, however what makes Venus so appealing is her perfect but imperfect beauty (broken body).
Jolin’s Freak Show. She’s wearing an outfit from Dancing Forever World Tour.
It’s a satire of her past stunts. The gymnastics she was doing during her Dancing Forever World Tour were belittled by some people and labeled as “a juggling show”.
About the posters: 1st one on the left refers to her “sausage mouth” (netizens used to say that she had thick lips, so they were calling her “sausage mouth”). The one with the shoe is about the fact that her height was mocked too. “Hamster Jolin” is about the “big cheeks” she was told she had before. The 花蝴蝶 Butterfly and the 大丈夫 Real Man ones refer to the choreographies she performed.
Dancing Forever World Tour (J2)
It might refer to 馬甲上的繩索 Corset’s Rope MV
馬甲上的繩索 Corset’s Rope MV
Ribbon dance from 舞孃 Dancing Diva.
GIFs used by netizens. They thought that this blue outfit was hideous.
Some of the GIFs:
Jolin feeling unconfident about her appearance.
Looks like she has been ridiculed by netizens after her 舞孃 Dancing Diva performance at the opening ceremony of the 18th Golden Melody Awards (2007).
She was said to have a sausage mouth, and her long legs to be fried shrimp.
She was mocked by media and netizens because of the dress she was wearing at the 19th GMA on the red carpet. She was called a squid and “Queen of sea food”.
19th GMA red carpet
Jolin is vomiting all the criticism held against her and her work online.
Jolin is holding a whip, it might refer to PLAY World Tour’s 美人計 Honey Trap performance.

Don’t hesitate to watch the MV (over and over) once again, English subtitles are available for both song and dialogue !