Jolin performs songs from UGLY BEAUTY at the KKBOX Music Awards & signing session in Kaohsiung, invites Dee Hsu to star in 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV ! / Jolin interprète des chansons d’UGLY BEAUTY aux KKBOX Music Awards & à une séance d’autographes à Kaohsiung, invite Dee Hsu à jouer dans le clip de 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red !

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🇬🇧 Jolin performed several songs from UGLY BEAUTY at the KKBOX Music Awards last Saturday in Taipei !

惡之必要 Necessary Evil (intro)
甜祕密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure
怪美的 Ugly Beauty
腦公 Hubby

She declared there that she has been very busy with the new album’s promotion, she’s tired and caught a cold as well.
As a consequence, she intends to get rest for 2 weeks at the end of January. She will celebrate Chinese New Year (February 5th) with her mom in Taipei.

Jolin hopes to shoot all MVs this year and also start the new tour before the end of 2019.

On the next day she held a signing session for UGLY BEAUTY in Kaohsiung, where she performed 腦公 Hubby, 消極掰 Life Sucks, and 怪美的 Ugly Beauty !

► 腦公 Hubby – 9:52
► 消極掰 Life Sucks – 57:19
► 怪美的 Ugly Beauty – 1:05:20

徐熙娣 Dee Hsu (aka 小S Xiao S) will appear in 紅衣女孩 Lady In Red MV !
She declared: “I’m under pressure !” And added: “Actually, I regret a bit taking this role, for this work, I am now starting to eat hard-boiled eggs !”
She keeps asking her staff: “How do I look ?”, and after listening to everyone’s praise, her confidence comes back: “The old lady is fighting !”

Jolin’s agent, Tom Wang, stated: “Thank you for your concern. Xiao S has always been an artist that Jolin likes very much. We are also looking forward to great work happening!”

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UGLY BEAUTY listening session in Taipei: 5 songs revealed, Jolin talking about sex ?! / UGLY BEAUTY séance d’écoute à Taipei: 5 chansons dévoilées, Jolin parle de sexe ?!

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🇬🇧 Yesterday Jolin held a listening session in Taipei for media and 10 lucky fans. They were able to listen to 6 songs off the album: 惡之必要 Necessary Evil, 怪美的 Ugly Beauty, 玫瑰少年 Womxnly, 如果我沒有傷口 Vulnerability, 腦公 Hubby, and 甜秘密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure.

Songs’ description:

  • 惡之必要 Necessary Evil

    • Lyrics: Li Weijing / Starr Chen – Music: Razor Chiang / Starr Chen

    • What fans have to say: Jolin’s voice is very low, the song is very depressing. Its style is even more “special” than 怪美的 Ugly Beauty’s. Described as “hardcore hip-hop”. It’s about the inner dark side and intends to tell the reason why a girl becomes “evil”…

    • What Jolin has to say: This is a style never seen before in her discography. After all the criticism on her performance at the Golden Horse Awards, Jolin chatted once about it and about women with novelist Li Weijing. After apologizing for this performance, she received love from everyone. The evil woman is not the one who wants to use violence and shoot with a gun. She may be emotionally traumatized and explore her fragile side, just like the villain of a fairytale. This song summarizes in a condensed way the content of the whole album. It is a way to go to her own dark side and face the most vulnerable one. “I want to say that I am evil, I am here”, “Who is the evil girl”, “I am so cold, so I am beautiful”

  • 怪美的 Ugly Beauty (we already know that one).

  • 玫瑰少年 Womxnly

    • Lyrics: Ashin from Mayday / Jolin – Music: Razor Chiang

    • What fans have to say: the lyrics are comforting after Taiwan’s referendums results (Taiwan said “no” to marriage equality). EDM, sad melody.

    • What Jolin has to say: she hopes to use this song to let everyone discover and learn to respect people who are different. It’s a mix between a mid-tempo and an uptempo. Jolin started to write the lyrics and asked Ashin to fill up the blanks. It was so well-written that Jolin said to him “I felt illiterate reading your words”. The song is about learning to love our body and respect it, and also respect others’ bodies. “You are not guilty”, “The world is guilty”, “Which rose will have no thorns” “The best revenge is beautiful” and “The most beautiful thing is to start counterattack”.

  • 如果我沒有傷口 Vulnerability

    • Lyrics: Liao Ting Yi – Music: Xiao Yu

    • What fans have to say: A love song never heard in Jolin’s discography. Ballad blending blues and gospel. The chorus is very moving. It’s about arming yourself in love and accept yourself.

    • What Jolin has to say: The more you’re in love, the more you lose courage, and you are easily hurt. Jolin’s love song is a way to make yourself comfortable, instead of taking someone else’s song to become someone else. “When you are strong and praised by everyone” “Is it enough to be your opponent?”

  • 腦公 Hubby

    • Lyrics: Li Ruo Jun

    • What fans have to say: A song that explores desire, and a young woman’s heart. A very lively song, similar to You Gotta Know. Cute pop-rock song.

    • What Jolin has to say: The idea for the song came from Korean dramas and love movies. When she watches them, Jolin wants to replace the female lead’s face by hers. She’s still looking forward to finding her “other half”, but she doesn’t feel lonely when she’s alone at home: “It is a kind of happiness to be able to get along with yourself.” Jolin wants to replace 今天你要嫁給我 Marry me today with this song and create a choreography for it. “I want to call you a hubby hubby” “Every minute, every second, hubby, hubby, hubby” “My hubby opens my mind”.

  • 甜秘密 Sweet Guilty Pleasure

    • Lyrics: A Di Zai – Music: Jolin / Olof Maarten Lindskog / Hayley Michelle Aitken / Johan Per Konrad Moraeus

    • What fans have to say: EDM. Explores desire, it’s a straightforward sex song, no innuendos. Pastry is also used as a metaphor for sex. A suitable background music to make love !

    • What Jolin has to say: Jolin values every part of the body, so she couldn’t ignore the “sex” part. “How long have you not looked at the mirror, have you touched your body, and found out where you like to be touched?” “Everyone feels desire, it’s not unusual, it’s not shameful, I’m almost 40 years-old !”

Jolin also revealed that she didn’t want to release a physical version for this album. Sony Music Taiwan advised her to do so, by telling her that she was still very beautiful and could still sell physical CDs.

Jolin stated several times this past year that she couldn’t see the appeal of CDs anymore, she doesn’t even have herself a CD player at home.

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