Batch of news: new album, photoshoot for ZINE Magazine, new endorsement Tokuyo TW, ambassador for Love Myself in Taiwan

Jolin talked a bit about the new album with Billboard!

“My next step is to concentrate on my new album’s production. I want to talk more about females. Because I have been exploring some social and mental phenomena related to females in recent years now I have a lot to say to girls. And I also want to say something on behalf of women. Therefore that’s the direction my new album is [heading] to.”

This snippet comes from this interview (in English): C-Pop Star Jolin Tsai on LGBTQ+ Representation in Her Music: ‘I Am Just Following My Heart’.

Jolin’s new album is expected to be released at the end of this year.

ZINE Magazine June 2017

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Tokuyo TW

Tokuyo is a massage chair brand.

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為 i 篩檢 Love Myself

Jolin is 為 i 篩檢 Love Myself‘s new ambassador!
為 i 篩檢 Love Myself is made of a group of professionals concerned with the AIDS issue, including doctors, nurses, social workers, psychological counselors, case managers…

They invited Jolin with the aim of increasing awareness and the participation of young people in AIDS prevention and control.

Jolin declared that love is the same for everyone, we all want to spend a long time with our partner.
In order to do that, we need to know our own health and accept an HIV screening in order to protect ourselves and our partner at the same time. Everyone must care about it, not only specific groups of people.
She also had some words for people suffering of the disease saying that they must keep a positive attitude to face AIDS: through the help of professional medical care, it is possible to maintain a certain quality of life.

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Jolin attends press conference for Anessa (Shiseido), talks about the new album release and her meeting with Tom Cruise

Jolin attended a press conference for Anessa (sunscreen by Shiseido) in Taipei today.

Here’s a summary of what has been said at this event:

► Jolin has been busy working on the new album, she even put aside a cake competition to focus on music

► The new album will be released this year, it’s scheduled for December according to reports

► Single release in June confirmed

► Jolin has been watching Tokyo Joshi Zukan* recently
* Japanese drama:

► About her first meeting with Tom Cruise in 2000: she was very nervous and afraid of making mistakes. Fortunately on the video we can only see her back, the look on her face was probably very embarrassing

► About her second meeting with the American actor last Wednesday: Tom Cruise is a very kind and enthousiastic man, they had a nice chat. Usually with stars you feel a certain distance but not with him.
Jolin also admires his working attitude, she said laughing “it’s curious how he does not have to rest!”

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Album release in 2017 compromised, new single coming in May?

Jolin attended today a SHISEIDO 60th anniversary – spokesperson meeting in Taipei where she provided some information about the new album:

  • About an album release in 2017: it seems compromised. There are MVs and choreographies to think about, Jolin is still trying different styles music-wise, she asks us to give her a little more time
  • 1 or 2 songs will be recorded soon.

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Jolin Studio Official@weibo posted this picture of Jolin in a recording studio last Thursday with the message “Sister! What are you doing?” to which Jolin answered playfully “Just passing by to sing karaoke”. She was actually recording a charity single (tentatively scheduled for a release in May).


New endorsement: SHISEIDO Taiwan!

Jolin is SHISEIDO’s new brand ambassador for its 60th anniversary campaign!

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SHISEIDO 60th anniversary – micro movie 那支堅強的口紅篇 That Strong Lipstick

SHISEIDO TW – 美麗不設限 Beauty Without Limits

SHISEIDO TW 60th anniversary video

As a consequence she attended SHISEIDO 60th anniversary press conference in Taipei on March 8th.

When asked about a new album release this year, here’s what she answered: “I’ll make a few songs. A new album… Maybe, maybe…”

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Batch of news (January 26th to February 15th)

Liaoning TV aired its Spring Festival on January 26th: watch 美杜莎 Medusa & 舞孃 Dancing Diva‘s performances!

美杜莎 Medusa

舞孃 Dancing Diva

On January 29th aired two performances from 陕西卫视丝路春晚 Shaanxi TV Silk Road Spring Festival.

舞娘 Dancing Diva & 日不落 Sun Will Never Set

Jolin made an appearance in Chinese show 王牌对王牌2 The Negotiator (air date: February 10th)!

► Jolin will attend Milan Fashion Week (from February 22nd to February 27th)!
► Album progress is very slow but there will be at least a single release this year
► PLAY World Tour DVD is still in the works, it will be released when Jolin will be satisfied with it.

She performed 大艺术家 The Great Artist, 倒带 Rewind and 日不落 Sun Will Never Set yesterday at 金可集團經銷商大會 Ginko International Group (Hydron…) Concert in Shanghai!

大艺术家 The Great Artist
倒带 Rewind
日不落 Sun Will Never Set

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