Jolin appears in FOCUS on GONG France, PLAY World Tour DVD/BD ranks #2 for its 7th week !

Jolin made once again an appearance in a French show !

This interview is in Chinese with French subtitles this time, but I translated everything in English for you:

Voiceover: Regarded as the diva of Mandopop, Jolin Tsai is a multi-talented artist. Singer, dancer, composer, actress, and a real businesswoman, with almost 20 years of career and 13 albums, the woman who debuted at 18 years old has grown up.
Inspired by Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey or Kylie Minogue, compared to Britney Spears then Madonna, real performer on stage, performer of numerous characters in her MVs, but who is really Jolin Tsai ?
So it is in Taipei that we have been able to meet again the woman we already met in 2013 when she came to France.

Jolin : I debuted my music career with a contest which brought me into the label, and after two years, I started to diversify my dance moves, my styles. And by trying different things, I finally found a style that I like. I hope to hold even more concerts in order to have even more interactions with my fans.

Voiceover: Where does your inspiration comes from ? Whether musically or visually ? How do you prepare your performances ?
Jolin : My inspirations come from many, many different talents. At every album release, it’s the product of the collaboration of the best from each and every one. Composers, lyricists, producers, and choreographers. We give ourselves a subject, and everyone brainstorms to offer everything he/she knows. All this in order to achieve a performance. I am very pleased with the MVs I made, but they are not the work of only one person. It is the result of everyone’s work. I am just the one who has been put in the spotlight, actually. I hope they can give some kind of hidden power to my fans.

Voiceover: Speaking of which, can you recommend one of your songs to us ?
Jolin : Actually I would like to recommend a lot of my songs. But I think that the music should be combined with the MV. The song “Play”, from my last album, would be a good start. Because its MV has a lot of vibrant and colored images. The idea behind the song is also very interesting. That is why I will recommend to start with this song.

Voiceover: You have been able to collaborate with many artists, like recently with DJ Alesso. Could you tell us more about it ?
Jolin : In the first place I did not think I would have the opportunity to collaborate with these different artists, including DJ Alesso, and try different electro styles that I barely used until then.
But it was an amazing experience. See how the DJs and their producers work has been very rewarding. And I am very open to future opportunities. Very curious to see how they perceive me after I entered their world. It is something that I want to explore.

Voiceover: What memories do you have of the French audience ?
Jolin : I would really like to come back to France (to perform on stage) !
Last time, in 2013, the fans’ response has gone beyond my expectations. With social media talking about my performance. I am very happy that the audience still remembers me since then.
My concert was a bit small last time, it was more “intimate” with my fans. But I hope that when I will come back, it will be in a bigger venue.
I hope I will be able to release my new album this year and that my French fans will be able to listen to it through social media. But the ones who don’t necessarily know me as well, and that they will like it !

Voiceover : A slight flashback on your career, how would you assess these years ?
Jolin : Every year is different. And I am happy to see that I am evolving myself. I triumph over the one I used to be. It is interesting because pop music is about the person you are at the moment. And singing it fills you with fond memories. I think that when people listen to these songs, it takes them back to another moment. Where they were when they first listened to it.

Voiceover : And Jolin Tsai has not finished to take us back to these moments.

PLAY World Tour DVD/BD ranked #2 on 5music for its 7th week !

Sans titre 1

Buy on 5music | books tw (EMS only) | YesAsia

Buy on 5music | books tw (EMS only) | YesAsia



PLAY World Tour DVD/BD #1 on 5music for its first 2 weeks, photobook scans, and donation for relief work in Hualien

For its first 2 weeks PLAY World Tour DVD/BD ranked #1 on 5music !

2018/1/26 – 2018/2/1


I also got my copy of PLAY World Tour BD yesterday ! I made scans from the photobook, click on the picture below:

Buy on 5music | books tw (EMS only) | YesAsia

Buy on 5music | books tw (EMS only) | YesAsia

On February 6th, an earthquake of magnitude 6.4 on the moment magnitude scale hit Taiwan. The epicenter was on the coastline near Hualien, which was the most severely affected area, with a maximum felt intensity of VII (very strong) on the Mercalli intensity scale. At least 17 deaths have been reported, with 282 injured. (from Wikipedia)

On February 9th, a Tzu-Chi Foundation volunteer posted this on her Facebook account (English translation):

“I received a call last night from Jolin Tsai’s agent. She’s not in Taiwan but because of trust and compassion, she’s donating NT$1 million (27 802,69 € or USD$34,122.25) to Tzu-Chi Foundation to deal with the relief work in Hualien. We are very grateful”

This post unexpectedly exposed Jolin’s low-profile act of charity. Since her mother is a volunteer for Tzu-Chi Foundation, and because she’s deeply affected, Jolin decided to assist the victims.
Her agent said that Jolin is abroad at the moment, but she saw this distressed situation, the disaster area and the victims, she felt very grateful to relief workers, and she wanted to do something for Taiwan.

2016 HitFM My Song ranking: Jolin ranks…

#25 with I Wanna Know (Alesso feat. Jolin) and #52 with 戀我癖 EGO-HOLIC (Starr Chen feat. Jolin)!


HitFM is one of the biggest radio stations in Taiwan.
Every year people can vote for the song(s) they loved during the past year. This ranking was called “HitFM Annual Top 100 singles chart” before, but its title has been simplified.

Previous rankings

#8 第三人稱/The Third Person & I

#2 大藝術家/The Great Artist
#10 詩人漫步/Wandering Poet
#24 Dr Jolin

#1 美人计/Honey Trap
#20 无言以对/Nothing left to say
#55 玩爱之徒/Love Player

#10 花蝴蝶/Butterfly
#25 大丈夫/Real Man

#7 I Won’t Last A Day Without You

#1 日不落/Sun Will Never Set
#14 特务J/Agent J
#41 爱无赦/Bravo Lover

#1 今天你要嫁给我/Marry me today (Jolin Tsai feat. David Tao)
#3 假装/Pretence
#14 马德里不思议/A Wonder in Madrid
#33 舞娘/Dancing Diva
#46 唯舞独尊/Dancing Forever

#2 天空/Sky
#26 野蛮游戏/J-Game
#65 睁一只眼闭一只眼/Overlooking purposely

#8 就是爱/It’s love
#61 招牌动作/Signature gesture
#78 爱情三十六计/36 tricks of love

#3 说爱你/Say I Love You
#24 看我72变/Magic aka Watch my 72 changes
#65 布拉格广场/Prague Square

#30 你还爱我吗/Ni hai ai wo ma
#94 如果不想要/Ru guo bu xiang yao

#17 Don’t Stop

#30 我知道你很难过/I know you’re feeling blue