New album release coming in December: “My child is finally coming out !” Jolin says


Jolin’s new album has been in preparation for 2 years now.

At the beginning of last year, she started to have new ideas quite often. Some songs have been recorded, then scrapped, it was an almost neverending process…

…But recording should finally be completed in October according to Jolin’s agent, Tom Wang !
In November she’s supposed to go overseas to shoot MV(s) and album covers.

Jolin is very excited, she stated: “My child is finally coming out !”

What we know about the upcoming album at the moment:

  • It will feature different music styles, be “more adventurous”, and completely different than 呸 PLAY ;
  • Invitations have been sent to singers for a collaboration ;
  • 11 tracks are scheduled ;
  • One song has lyrics by Ashin from Mayday ;
  • Songs are mostly dance music ;
  • Each album presents what Jolin likes at the moment. She’s been studying brain science and reading many books about psychology, and even reading 庄子 Zhuang Zhou to understand herself better and prepare the new album, she’s talking about things “close to her”, so it should be her most honest album ever ;
  • There might be no physical version, at some point Jolin was thinking of not releasing any ;
  • Album’s theme will be women: “I want to talk more about females. Because I have been exploring some social and mental phenomena related to females in recent years now I have a lot to say to girls. And I also want to say something on behalf of women. Therefore that’s the direction my new album is [heading] to.”

The new album’s release is expected for December, 4 years and 1 month after 呸 PLAY.
It’s not sure yet whether it will be released under Warner Music Taiwan or not.


Listen to Jolin’s new single 我对我 The Player ! (and info about the new album’s progress)

A new single has been released today, it’s the theme song of the 10th anniversary of online game 地下城与勇士 DNF (Dungeon And Fighter, aka Dungeon Fighter Online) !

我对我 The Player (official English title) is now available worldwide on iTunes and Spotify.


我对我 The Player
Lyrics: 黃建洲 Huang Jianzhou
Music: 倪子岡 NESE / 王爺斯禹 Swing Wang

Listen to it below:


There is a music video for this song, but no release date yet, just a teaser:


Besides this, Jolin’s next release is expected to be her upcoming album ! Its style is said to be completely different than 我对我 The Player.
Jolin’s agent, Tom Wang, disclosed that the new album’s progress has reached 50%, so there’s a good chance it will be released at the end of the year.

PLAY World Tour DVD/BD: premiere on LINE TV, pictures, unboxing

PLAY World Tour premiered last Monday on LINE TV Taiwan ! It has been uploaded online, you can watch it here:

Fans have been sharing since Tuesday lots of pictures of the DVD/BD packaging, poster and photobook included.
Both DVD & BD have been released on January 30th.

Click on the picture below to access the photo album!

BD version unboxing


Buy on 5music | books tw (EMS only) | YesAsia

Buy on 5music | books tw (EMS only) | YesAsia

PLAY World Tour DVD/BD also has an audio version available worldwide on iTunes and Spotify.

[EDIT] LP release of album J-Game coming this month, Jolin auctions a bag for charity, participates in a T-shirt charity sale for stray animals


Sony Music Taiwan has announced an LP release for 野蠻游戲 J-Game (2005) ! It will be released in mid-December (December 22nd according to OnlyJolin@Weibo).

Stay tuned for more info !

Jolin is auctioning a bag for 2017 黃子佼 Huang Zijao Christmas charity auction exhibition at 黎畫廊 Lee Gallery in Taipei from December 3rd to December 24th.

All proceeds will go to 台灣神經纖維瘤協會 Taiwan Neurofibromatosis Association (

23. 蔡依林 Jolin X artist 劉芸柔 Li YunRou
Brand: Schouler
Color: Black
Size: 34x34x21cm with 51cm cylinder bag
Starting price: 3000(NT$) = 84,11 € or USD$100

Creative concept:
“Through the images of the goddess and the flower, I will draw the outline of the beauty of life with colorful embroidery threads. Through “You have not life, there is hope” and “You can not improve your past, but you can improve your future” people can always encourage themselves, regardless of illness or health, can be brave and have a positive face, so that life is full of love.”

Click on the picture below to access the photo album!

Jolin is participating in a T-shirt Charity sale for stray animals (cats & dogs) ! Click HERE.

Both T-shirts are limited to 1,000 copies.

Whoohoo, Jolin’s dog, is now 10 years-old. No matter how mischievous he can be, Jolin can never be mad at him, because he’s the greatest consolation of her soul.

After Prime Cost deduction, all profits will be donated to animal shelters 卓媽媽狗場 Zhang Mama Dog Farm (Taipei) and 拼圖喵中途之家 Jigsaw Meow Midway House (New Taipei).

Jolin attends press conference for Anessa (Shiseido), talks about the new album release and her meeting with Tom Cruise

Jolin attended a press conference for Anessa (sunscreen by Shiseido) in Taipei today.

Here’s a summary of what has been said at this event:

► Jolin has been busy working on the new album, she even put aside a cake competition to focus on music

► The new album will be released this year, it’s scheduled for December according to reports

► Single release in June confirmed

► Jolin has been watching Tokyo Joshi Zukan* recently
* Japanese drama:

► About her first meeting with Tom Cruise in 2000: she was very nervous and afraid of making mistakes. Fortunately on the video we can only see her back, the look on her face was probably very embarrassing

► About her second meeting with the American actor last Wednesday: Tom Cruise is a very kind and enthousiastic man, they had a nice chat. Usually with stars you feel a certain distance but not with him.
Jolin also admires his working attitude, she said laughing “it’s curious how he does not have to rest!”

Click on the picture below to access all pics!