PLAY World Tour DVD release, new single, info about album progress…

Jolin had a Weibo live today on her 18th anniversary (September 10th) !


► PLAY World Tour DVD will be released in November
► Album progress is lagging behind, 2 songs have been recorded
► A new song will be released before the end of the year
► The new album will be released next year.

Full video


Listen to 讓愛傳出去 Let Love Spread Out!

About this new single: HERE.

Jolin’s new single has been released last Friday worldwide on iTunes, Spotify…

讓愛傳出去 / Rang Ai Chuan Chuqu / Let Love Spread Out
Lyrics & Music: Hong Yutong

A Music Video made of family pictures sent by people on DaAi TV* official Facebook aired today on that channel for Mother’s Day Eve in Taiwan!

*DaAi TV is a key component of Tzu Chi Foundation’s Cultural Mission.
About DaAi TV:

EDIT 05/20: official lyric video!

Charity single coming this Friday: 讓愛傳出去 Let Love Spread Out!

讓愛傳出去/Rang Ai Chuan Chuqu (literally “Let Love Spread Out”) is a cover of one of 慈濟 Tzu Chi Foundation‘s songs.
About Tzu Chi Foundation: (page in English)

Jolin has always been very involved in public welfare activities.
After seeing Tzu Chi’s volunteers earlier this year and hearing 讓愛傳出去 Let Love Spread Out performed by children, she decided to cover this song.

讓愛傳出去 Let Love Spread Out “children version”

讓愛傳出去 Let Love Spread Out has been re-arranged.
Jolin spent several days in the studio, and recorded two versions, a light one and a warm one. Jolin’s mother chose the latter. She said “very touching, very moving!” when she heard it.

Since her mother is also her biggest support, Jolin hopes to use this song as a Mother’s Day gift for her, and wishes a happy Mother’s Day to mothers all around the world.

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讓愛傳出去 Let Love Spread Out will have an MV, but there is no release date for it yet.

Album release in 2017 compromised, new single coming in May?

Jolin attended today a SHISEIDO 60th anniversary – spokesperson meeting in Taipei where she provided some information about the new album:

  • About an album release in 2017: it seems compromised. There are MVs and choreographies to think about, Jolin is still trying different styles music-wise, she asks us to give her a little more time
  • 1 or 2 songs will be recorded soon.

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Jolin Studio Official@weibo posted this picture of Jolin in a recording studio last Thursday with the message “Sister! What are you doing?” to which Jolin answered playfully “Just passing by to sing karaoke”. She was actually recording a charity single (tentatively scheduled for a release in May).


Batch of news (January 26th to February 15th)

Liaoning TV aired its Spring Festival on January 26th: watch 美杜莎 Medusa & 舞孃 Dancing Diva‘s performances!

美杜莎 Medusa

舞孃 Dancing Diva

On January 29th aired two performances from 陕西卫视丝路春晚 Shaanxi TV Silk Road Spring Festival.

舞娘 Dancing Diva & 日不落 Sun Will Never Set

Jolin made an appearance in Chinese show 王牌对王牌2 The Negotiator (air date: February 10th)!

► Jolin will attend Milan Fashion Week (from February 22nd to February 27th)!
► Album progress is very slow but there will be at least a single release this year
► PLAY World Tour DVD is still in the works, it will be released when Jolin will be satisfied with it.

She performed 大艺术家 The Great Artist, 倒带 Rewind and 日不落 Sun Will Never Set yesterday at 金可集團經銷商大會 Ginko International Group (Hydron…) Concert in Shanghai!

大艺术家 The Great Artist
倒带 Rewind
日不落 Sun Will Never Set

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