UGLY BEAUTY press conference: album teaser, pre-order version covers, links, and more… / Conférence de presse d’UGLY BEAUTY: teaser de l’album, covers de la version précommande, liens, et plus encore…

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Today a press conference was held in Taipei for Jolin’s upcoming album, UGLY BEAUTY.


  • If the pre-order version is not available anymore, we can also buy the official version, which has a more powerful cover according to Jolin. Pre-order version will also come with a red lips sticker.
  • The title song is one of the 6 songs created by Jolin for this album. On December 21st, title song MV will be released along with the song. Director is Muh Chen (PLAY我呸 PLAY, I’m not yours, 大艺术家 The Great Artist, 什么什么 Stand Up MVs).
  • Jolin revealed that she has been self-healing by writing diaries for nearly one or two years. At first she started with painting, and later she decided to write. It is easy to grasp her emotions when writing. When she describes them, she will not be caught by fear. So far she has filled 6 diaries.

    UGLY BEAUTY‘s photobook diary has 200 pages and 132 pictures.

  • On December 22nd, just like she did for 呸 PLAY 4 years ago, there will be a listening session for fans where they will be able to listen to UGLY BEAUTY‘s songs before the official release on December 26th.
  • Sony Music has nothing to do with the new album’s production. It was produced entirely by Jolin and her label.
  • The 11 sets of pictures of the photobook -one for each song- are like paper MVs.

Click on the picture below to access the photo album ↓

Jolin introduced a teaser for the album, and the 4 covers of Weird Beauty pre-order version as well


Director: Jimi Chou & Fisher Yu
Music: Razor Chiang
Art Director: Zhong Lin & Yii Ooi

UGLY BEAUTY Weird Beauty pre-order version limited to 10,000 copies – 4 covers

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Even fans who will buy Jolin’s album in stores won’t be able to choose the cover they want because it will be hidden by the packaging !

The 200-page photobook/diary contains 132 pictures. There are 11 sets of pictures, one for each song from the album. Jolin describes them as “paper MVs”.

Digital and physical pre-orders will start on December 5th at midnight Taiwan time.

Finally, the full album description has been revealed on online stores !

12/5 Open Pre-order

Weird Beauty Hardcover Edition

Luxury cloth box +200 pages hardcover photobook-diary

4 colors, shipped randomly

It’s not strange, it’s beautiful.

20 years of energy explosion for the end of the year !

Asian pop queen Jolin Tsai latest album UGLY BEAUTY

Breaking the norm of beauty standard

Show tolerance towards the good and evil of this world

2018.12.26 Weird Beauty global release

Jolin’s most honest !

“I thought that if it was not done at 100%, I was nothing.”

Jolin’s most experimental ! Experiment with a variety of different styles, loyal to music intuition, will destroy her own new songs and perfect them again.

Following “呸 PLAY” in 2014, which was a hot topic worldwide and created a classic model of Chinese pop music, Asian pop star Jolin Tsai’s new album “UGLY BEAUTY” will be released in December!

The previous album explored various social issues from her own point of view.

This time, the new work returns to the inner level.

From the constant self-questioning and self-exploration, Jolin finds out that she is facing and embracing her dark and ugly face. The feedback is beautiful ! Jolin explores the “state of mind” and “desire” of human beings through the “feelings” and “outlook” of the theme “UGLY BEAUTY”, breaking the dichotomy between the beauty and ugliness of this world and redefining it!

Jolin, who has been interested in psychology for the past two years, began to dig into the inner world and explore herself through the book of Dr. Jung, psychiatrist.

Jolin said: “In the past, if I was not doing something 100%, I would blame myself a lot, and think I was someone who was not worth mentioning.”

And in this searching process, Jolin unexpectedly discovered that she always thought it was important to want to test things 100%, to prove herself, “I can”, and always neglected her inner feminine power and forgot how to love herself ; through this digging process, the theme of “UGLY BEAUTY” was born for the new album. Jolin said: “The UGLY face for me is part of an emotion. When you start to face it, the feedback you get is very good, more love and empathy, you are able to understand yourself and the decisions you make, it is not easy to criticize yourself and criticize others!” During the birth of the new album, Jolin knew herself through continuous discussion, album production has undergone many times the process of “destroy and perfect”. This new album is introducing Jolin’s journey of “knowing herself”, “feelings” and “outlook”. This is the most “honest” album of Jolin’s career !

Why is the album named [UGLY BEAUTY]?

What is called UGLY BEAUTY, in fact, does not refer only to beauty and ugliness of appearance, but also to the two poles of inner psychological level: good and evil / good and bad / crying and laughing / happiness and sadness / darkness and light / fragility and strength / correct and incorrect …., and what we call “evil”, refers to those emotional traits that we often dislike: jealousy, anger, inferiority, vulnerability, dissatisfaction, etc. Because they know that they don’t fit the ideal aesthetic, they don’t look at it in the dark room, but because they deliberately ignore them for a long time, they will always commit crimes in a variety of different ways, so they self-harm themselves, are inexplicably frustrated, negative, aggressive, angry, conceited, bullying, despising others, etc., what JOLIN wants to express is: only open your heart, to know your inner dark side, to identify it, when it is transformed into various appearances in daily life, you can identify its archetype, and slowly become able to not be swallowed up by these negative forces and learn to get along with them, understand their appearance and necessity. Concerning empathy, it is about understanding what is called “evil”. The next time you see it in others, you can understand each other for the same reason, maybe compare, and not be hurt !

Jolin’s most creative! Participate in the studio in the creation

4 years of production from Taipei to Bangkok and Stockholm

Jolin smashed the way she was making albums in the past, and set up a music writing camp with a new creative mode. She personally participated in the collective creation with musicians and completed the songs of the new album “UGLY BEAUTY”. Jolin personally participated in the creation of the collective “bubble” studio. In addition to going to Bangkok, Taipei and even Stockholm, musicians of the music writing camps from these cities collided and cooperated to mobilize nearly 100 transnational musicians and experienced the interesting process of brainstorming with musicians from different regions in the studio for a week, which not only inspired Jolin, but also made her creative power break out. She has participated in the creation of six songs of the new album in one breath. We’ll not only hear Jolin’s first attempt at creation in the new album “UGLY BEAUTY”, but we’ll also hear “Creativity” and “Jolin’s Most Creative” album! Jolin said: “In the process of free creation, I explored the sound that moved me, and cooperated with different creative camps, it gave me lots of motivation, doing music discussions together, using different language to express what you want. In addition to being very enjoyable and fun, this work should make everyone feel what I feel!”

The new album brings together innovative works from all over the world, and diverse content of the theme “UGLY BEAUTY”. The composition of the new album is “Experimental”, its style is different compared to past albums. Jolin’s instinct of “loyalty to music” is bound to bring more impact and hearing to the Chinese pop music scene! Jolin, who is brave enough to accept the challenge, said: “I just want to try!” During the production of the album, Jolin likes to ask questions and is very curious and aware of the power and influence of women. In this original new album she wanted to explore “what is a woman”. Invested in the process, she found herself to be the best “experimental subject”. Then she began to dig out and explore her inner world, she found out that “emotion” was the key point affecting herself and others. She often asks herself “what kind of woman I am”. Jolin said: “All along I felt that I was lacking something concerning the role of women. Although everyone looks at me like a princess, I always feel that my heart is a man! This kind of conflict is like a whirlpool, so I can’t help but want to study. “

Pre-order design “The mouth of truth” Ugly Beauty who had the final say?

Fashion circle popular photographer Zhong Lin

One of the ten most influential stylists of the new era Yii

Personality split to create Jolin’s 11 strange beauties

In order to fit with the theme of the eleven songs of the new album, she sent a special invitation to fashion circle popular photographer ZHONG LIN and famous stylist Yii who was once named by Gucci and selected by the global fashion industry as one of the top ten influential figures of the new era, to create 11 sets of strange beauty styles for “UGLY BEAUTY”. The pre-order version has been announced, Jolin is wearing the exaggerated “Mouth of Truth” red-lip jewelry, with her hands in a strange position and an innocent look, making the whole picture very impactful, it also echoes the theme of the album, to break the dichotomy between the beauty and ugliness of this world.

This picture has been chosen to be the main one for the album because JOLIN wanted to use various [expressions] to reach and talk with the audience. This is also her understanding of her for the past six years. In 2012, she filmed [I] MV, she looked at herself removing her makeup in through the mirror. She had tears in her heart, and later she realized that she never cared for herself. In the past, she was too concerned about what others said. She did so many things just to get approval from others, but now she is looking at the mirror every time. She can find herself more in her eyes, and remind herself not to live in someone else’s mouth. The mouth represents the many words you want to say which can’t come out, but now JOLIN wants to communicate through her eyes and tell everyone, “I can understand our feelings !”

This sultry “Mouth of Truth” is a work created by Shuting Qiu, a Chinese rookie designer who graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp. The eye-catching orange cake dress with the mouth of truth comes from the work of the cutting-edge designer SENSEN LII. He is not only a student of the Royal Academy of Art in Antwerp, but also the winner of VFILES RUNWAY 10 in New York Fashion Week this year. Jolin challenged herself for two consecutive days, and more than 24 hours of non-stop shooting, under the lens requirements of photographer ZHONG LIN who pays attention to the atmosphere and improvisation, in a short time they shuttled through 11 scenes and 11 characters, Jolin said: “Had to split personalities fast, but it was very cool!” Jolin’s new vision of “weird” and “beauty” is bound to cause fans’ commotion.

Limited hardcover edition 10,000 copies

4 covers 200-page deluxe photobook diary

12/5 start pre-order

Play has been released 4 years ago, this time she’s returning to the Chinese music scene and is bringing a new album [UGLY BEAUTY]. Jolin Tsai seems to break once again her own pattern, trying to challenge the negative emotions that Chinese music has rarely touched in the past and the necessary theme of evil, JOLIN once again is advocating to accept different people through music, and is striving to commit to more love, and is letting the outside world look forward to this new work, what is the strange effect of Chinese music ?!

JOLIN latest album [UGLY BEAUTY] Weird Beauty Edition pre-orders will start on December 5th in stores.

This hardcover edition is limited to 10,000 copies and is sold in 4 different colors. It comes with a deluxe cloth box and a 200-page hardcover photobook diary. She spared no efforts so that fans of “sound” and “color” can feel the heart from music to vision. Jolin, who likes to write a diary, is also looking forward to conveying the concept of “sharing the heart” to the fans. She’s looking forward to the fans’ secrets, feelings and stories about “UGLY BEAUTY” in this diary!

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PLAY World Tour DVD/BD press conference in Taichung: new teaser featuring performance with Namie Amuro

Today Jolin held a press conference for PLAY World Tour DVD/BD at 麗寶樂園 Lihpao Land (an amusement park) in Taichung.

Full conference
(it starts at 18:30, new teaser at 33:45)

New teaser only

Recap of the 35 minute event:

► Jolin’s performance with Namie Amuro on I’m Not Yours will be included in the release. She praised Namie, saying that she’s a really attractive artist. According to Jolin, in private she’s as cute as a little girl.

► Jolin watched Namie Amuro’s performance at NHK’s Kouhaku on December 31st. Since there were no Chinese subtitles, she could not understand what Namie was saying, but she could feel that she was very emotional (Namie Amuro is retiring in September 2018).

► Every time Jolin sees 美杜莎 Medusa‘s headdress, she remembers the feeling of having her neck very sour (the headdress was very heavy, that’s why Jolin doesn’t dance during the performance).

► When asked about concerts leaving the deepest impression on her, Jolin mentioned the Malaysian date of PLAY World Tour. It was outdoors, she was not used of outdoors concerts. It was raining a lot, she was drenched, slipped with her high heels and fell on stage. She finished her stay in Malaysia resting and aching.
Jolin also mentioned a concert she held for her 3rd album Show Your Love. She had lost a lot of weight, and while performing 你還愛我嗎 Do You Still Love Me, her eyes couldn’t focus, she was seeing double. After this, Jolin realized the importance of health.

► Sam Chen, Warner’s CEO, appeared on stage to offer a “gift” to Jolin: the word “呸 Pei” (Chinese title of PLAY album) written with oiled rice, and pink eggs, a symbol of the concert’s DVD/BD festive birth.
He said Jolin could be considered an “underground producer” since she went several times to the editing room. Jolin answered while laughing that she felt like she had given birth to a child and thanked Sam Chen for helping her “giving birth”.

► Last time Jolin went to an amusement park it was 3 years ago at Universal Studios Japan. She can only remember the Harry Potter games.

► Jolin thinks rollercoasters are more exciting than Ferris wheels, but she has seen too many thrillers, and fears now that the rollercoaster might stop in the air.

► For Jolin, Ferris wheels are not romantic, things from everyday life are, like cooking and eating together.

► Jolin said while laughing that she read posts by fans online saying that PLAY我呸 was already an old song. She’s very happy to finally launch PLAY World Tour DVD/BD.

► Jolin hopes to release the new album this summer to wear less clothes, and relax.

PLAY World Tour DVD/BD will be released on January 30th. You can buy it on 5music DVD|BD (standard shipping or EMS) or books tw DVD|BD (EMS only).


PLAY World Tour DVD/BD: official release date, tracklist, teasers, pre-order links !

Click on the picture below to access the photo album!

蔡依林Play世界巡迴演唱會 PLAY World Tour LIVE DVD/BD will be released on January 30th ! This is Jolin’s first Bluray release.

400 hours of footage from 26 cameras -on ground and aerial- have been condensed in this 2-hour concert. Since Jolin is a perfectionist, she went several times to the concert’s editing room, and she also adjusted audio a few times.
This release includes a 52x26cm poster and a hardcover 40-page booklet (size 14x28x1.5cm).

Pre-order links are now available. On 5music you can buy the DVD version for 19€39 or USD$22.98 (shipping fees not included) or the BD version for 28€13 or USD$33.34 (shipping fees not included).

Buy on 5music DVD | BD (Bluray)
Buy on YesAsia (coming soon)

Full tracklist

Section A – Magic World
美杜莎 Medusa
大丈夫 Real Man
美人計 Honey Trap
愛無赦 Bravo Lover

Section B – Spooky Chinese Horror Scene
I`m Not Yours
特務J Agent J
花蝴蝶 Butterfly
Love Love Love
布拉格廣場 Prague Square
第三人稱 The Third Person & I
獨佔神話 My own legend

Section C – 1920 Gatsby
大藝術家 The Great Artist
Mr. Q
唇語 Lip Reading
檸檬草的味道 The smell of lemongrass
我知道你很難過 I know you’re feeling blue
天空 Sky
七上八下 Butterflies in my stomach
Miss Trouble

Section D – The Sea World
日不落 Sun Will Never Set
無言以對 Nothing left to say

Section E – Pool Party
迷幻 Fantasy
愛情36計 36 tricks of love
電話皇后 Phony Queen
Dr. Jolin
舞孃 Dancing Diva
看我72變 Magic aka See my 72 Changes

Encore – Alice in Wonderland
不一樣又怎樣 We’re All Different, Yet The Same
Play我呸 PLAY

Behind The Scenes

“We Are All Different, Yet The Same” Documentary Series
Story of Lin Hsin Pei
Story of Tseng Ying Chi
Story of Katherine Tseng  1 | 2
Story of Yeh Yung Chih

Scrapped songs: the whole “old songs” segment (it was after 不一樣又怎樣 We’re All Different, Yet The Same and before Play我呸 PLAY), 野蠻遊戲 J-Game, You Gotta Know.