PLAY World Tour DVD/BD release date, album progress, events, upcoming performance at the 54th Golden Horse Awards !


PLAY World Tour DVD/BD release date is not 100% confirmed yet, but this info comes from reliable sources. According to these, PLAY World Tour DVD will be released on December 29th, but PLAY World Tour BD won’t be available before January (January 18th according to another source).

We have a few info about its content: the concert will be a mix of the 8 Taipei dates (May 22nd, 23rd 24th, 25th 2015 and November 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th 2015), and I’m Not Yours performance with Namie Amuro will be featured in it !

Stay tuned for the upcoming official announcement !

Jolin attended an event for BRAND’S on November 16th.

When asked about the new album’s progress, Jolin answered “Do not ask again ! Everybody must first listen to others’ albums. Album progress is clearly lagging behind, lyrics are not done yet, stay tuned for further announcements”.

Jolin’s agent, Tom Wang, revealed the day before the event that out of the two songs previously recorded for the new album, one has been scrapped by Jolin. So only one song has been completed for the new album at the moment.
However, Jolin has been working hard to catch up.

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Full press conference

Jolin attended the day after CODE COCO watch & GALLERY jewelry by Chanel event in Taipei !

Jolin’s sister, Jo Tsai (Cai Min Wen), also attended.

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And finally, Jolin will perform on stage at the 54th Golden Horse awards on November 25th !
She’s going to perform her new single for the first time, 幸福路上 On Happiness Road, and a tribute to singers 鳳飛飛 Feng Fei Fei, 鄧麗君 Teresa Teng, 甄妮 Jenny Tseng, and 蔡琴 Tsai Chin.

The Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival and Awards is a film festival and awards ceremony held annually in Taiwan founded in 1962.


New single (+ MV) coming on November 20th: 幸福路上 On Happiness Road !

幸福路上 On Happiness Road is the theme song of the movie of the same name.

Jolin has been deeply moved by the spirit of the movie and wants to dedicate this song to her hometown, Hsinchuang.
She tried a different way of singing in this song, and hopes she was able to tell the moving story of the movie properly.

Movie’s director is from Hsinchuang as well, she used her hometown as an inspiration for 幸福路上 On Happiness Road.
Director 宋欣穎 Song Hsin-yin said that Jolin was the best choice for the song, not only because she’s a fan of hers in the first place, but because the movie’s story is her story as well (the movie is about a girl growing up).
Movie info:

Movie trailer with English subs

A 3 year-old Jolin appears on the cover ! When Jolin looked at her childhood pictures, she remembered her experience of growing up with emotion: “I have a lot of love, I am a very lucky person. I hope this song will bless everyone who has lived a hard life. Even if you are frustrated and hurt, if you hug yourself with a sincere heart, you are on your own path to happiness !”

Song preview

幸福路上 On Happiness Road (song) will be available on November 20th at midnight Taiwan time. MV will be revealed on the same day at 8:00 A.M Taiwan time.

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Jolin appears on Chinese TV show “不凡的改变 idea show”, ranks #5 in 2017 Top 5 of highest-earning Taiwanese singers !

Jolin appeared on October 29th on Chinese TV show 不凡的改变 idea show. She recorded this show a few months ago.

最炫民族风 The Most Dazzling Folk Style (凤凰传奇 Phoenix Legend cover) performance at 3:53, 倒带 Rewind performance feat. singer 小宇 Xiao Yu at 1:08:08.
► Songs performed by others: 看我72變 Magic at 1:52, 倒带 Rewind by singer 小宇 Xiao Yu at 32:38, 日不落 Sun Will Never Set at 42:12, 布拉格廣場 Prague Square at 49:00.

Jolin ranks #5 in 2017 Top 5 of highest-earning Taiwanese singers !
She’s the only female singer to appear in this ranking.


#1 Jay Chou (NT$907,500,000 or USD$30,083,787.71 or 25 814 129,93 €)
#2 Leehom Wang (NT$870,000,000 or USD$28,840,655.99 or 24 747 430,35 €)
#3 Jam Hsiao (NT$726,590,000 or USD$24,086,588.77 or 20 668 086,68 €)
#4 Wilber Pan (NT$624,800,000 or USD$20,712,232.02 or 17772637.33 €)
#5 Jolin Tsai (NT$487,000,000 or USD$16,144,137.32 or 13 852 871,93 €)

NT$487,000,000 or USD$16,144,137.32 or 13 852 871,93 € including 11 endorsements & 32 events (NT$146,560,000 or USD$48,58,490.28 or 4 168 946,43 €).

Jolin attends PEEKABOO PROJECT Charity event

On October 19th, Jolin attended PEEKABOO PROJECT Charity event in Hong Kong.

She and HK singer Joey Yung have been invited by Fendi to create bags: Jolin created hers with the help of Fendi’s creative director, Silvia Venturini Fendi, and Fendi Atelier.

Her design is auctioned online from October 19th to October 29th on
All proceeds will go to 台灣小胖威利病友關懷協會 Prader-Willi Syndrome Association (Taiwan).

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Jolin’s video (w/ English subtitles) for PEEKABOO PROJECT

Jolin attends Paris Fashion Week, 2 new CFs for Lords Mobile

Jolin attended Balmain Fashion Show Spring/Summer 2018 and Balmain Party as part of Paris Fashion Week on September 28th !

Balmain Fashion Show

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Balmain Party

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On another note, CFs for new endorsement 王國紀元 Lords Mobile have been revealed this week.