Jolin appears as a guest performer at Chris Lee/Li Yuchun’s concert in Beijing, performs at concert in Shenzhen

On June 30th, Jolin performed on stage with 李宇春 Chris Lee (aka Li Yuchun) at her concert in Beijing, as part of her 流行 liú xíng World Tour !

日不落 Sun Will Never Set / PLAY我呸 PLAY / 野蛮生长 Growing Wild

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Chris Lee appeared previously as a guest performer at Jolin’s PLAY World Tour concert in Shanghai in 2016.

On July 6th, Jolin performed 大藝術家 The Great Artist, 倒帶 Rewind and 日不落 Sun Will Never Set at 爱享到群星 Love to the stars concert in Shenzhen.

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New info about the upcoming album revealed at Migu Health Fitness Festival

Yesterday, Jolin attended Migu Health Fitness Festival in Shanghai and shared once again information about the upcoming album !


► She recorded some pretty good songs
► The remaining ones are still waiting for suitable lyrics, even her own lyrics have been rejected (!)
► She sent invitations to singer(s) for a collaboration
► Songs are mostly dance music
► Album is completed at 50%
► The new album will surprise everyone.

On another note, Jolin signed another partnership with Migu through her cake brand 皇后陛下 Her Majesty. This collaboration is expected to start on December 8th in three coffee shops in Shanghai.

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Jolin’s upcoming album is still expected for the end of the year.

Jolin shares more info about the new album’s progress with QQ Music !

On the night of DNF 10th anniversary party (June 16th), Jolin recorded an interview with QQ Music.

Here’s what she revealed about her upcoming album:

  • 阿信 Ashin (from Mayday) has finally sent the lyrics Jolin asked him to write, the song has been recorded !
  • Jolin has written lyrics herself this time as well
  • This album will be her most honest one because she’s talking about things “close to her”
  • It looks like Jolin doesn’t see the point of releasing a physical version of her new album, she’s still thinking about it.

Full interview

Jolin’s album is still expected for the end of the year.


我对我 The Player : Music Video revealed, first live performance at DNF 10th anniversary festival, English and French translation of the song’s lyrics

QQ Music released 我对我 The Player MV a couple of days ago: it alternates between Jolin performing in three different cosplays and clips from the game !

我对我 The Player won’t be featured in Jolin’s upcoming album, whose release is scheduled for the end of the year.

Jolin performed three songs yesterday at DNF 10th anniversary party in Shanghai, including her latest single 我对我 The Player.

舞娘 Dancing Diva
倒带 Rewind
我对我 The Player

Full party
Jolin’s part at 168:00

Jolin’s full performance

倒带 Rewind / 我对我 The Player

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Finally, English and French translations for 我对我 The Player‘s lyrics are now available !

Click on this link to access them: The Player lyrics, pinyin, English & French translation.

Don’t forget that you can find lyrics, pinyin, English translation, and French translation* for every Jolin song, just by clicking on “Lyrics and Clipography” in the menu bar above !

*for most of the songs

Listen to Jolin’s new single 我对我 The Player ! (and info about the new album’s progress)

A new single has been released today, it’s the theme song of the 10th anniversary of online game 地下城与勇士 DNF (Dungeon And Fighter, aka Dungeon Fighter Online) !

我对我 The Player (official English title) is now available worldwide on iTunes and Spotify.


我对我 The Player
Lyrics: 黃建洲 Huang Jianzhou
Music: 倪子岡 NESE / 王爺斯禹 Swing Wang

Listen to it below:


There is a music video for this song, but no release date yet, just a teaser:


Besides this, Jolin’s next release is expected to be her upcoming album ! Its style is said to be completely different than 我对我 The Player.
Jolin’s agent, Tom Wang, disclosed that the new album’s progress has reached 50%, so there’s a good chance it will be released at the end of the year.