Jolin tops 2018 HitFM “Keep Playing” Top 100 Singles; English translation for song 新年抖来咪 Happy New Year Do Re Mi / Jolin se classe 1ère du top 100 singles “Keep Playing” 2018 de HitFM ; traduction française pour la chanson 新年抖来咪 Happy New Year Do Re Mi

🇫🇷 Version française page 2.

🇬🇧 Yesterday, HitFM (Taiwan’s biggest radio station) revealed its yearly top 100 singles. People could vote online since the end of December/early January.

And 怪美的 Ugly Beauty got #1 !!! It’s Jolin’s fifth #1 in HitFM Top 100 singles since her debut !

Full ranking

Joined by phone, Jolin said that she was in a meeting, there will be a “new project“…

Later she posted on Facebook and Weibo to thank all fans for these results !

“It’s year-end dinner time !
Also don’t forget to watch 腦公 Hubby MV !
Today has really been great, besides Eternal Music’s year-end dinner, I also got 1st place in HitFM Top 100 Singles !
Thank you darlings for your precious gold fingers !!
Older sister still thinks it’s hard to believe !!
I believe that everyone who participated, requested the song on radio, downloaded it, or purchased it, must be even more excited !!
Thank you once again, your delaying sister and Ugly Beauty’s team will land~
Older sister will definitely cherish even more every opportunity to produce an album and every opportunity to meet you as well !!
Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️”

Previous HitFM rankings

#99 We Are One – Hardwell feat. Jolin Tsai
#25 I Wanna Know – Alesso feat. Jolin Tsai
#52 EGO-HOLIC – Starr Chen feat. Jolin Tsai
#1 PLAY我呸
#8第三人稱 The Third Person And I
#15 旅程 Journey
#2 大藝術家
The Great Artist
#10 詩人漫步
Wandering Poet
#24 Dr. Jolin
#1 美人計
Honey Trap
#20 無言以對 Nothing left to say
#55 玩愛之徒
Love Player
#10 花蝴蝶 Butterfly
大丈夫 Real Man
#7 I Won’t Last A Day Without You
#1 日不落
Sun Will Never Set
#14 特務 J Agent J
#27 In My Arms – Kylie Minogue feat. Jolin
#41 愛無赦
Bravo Lover
#1 今天妳要嫁給我
Marry Me Today – David Tao & Jolin
#3 假裝
#14 馬德里不思議 A Wonder In Madrid
#33 舞孃
Dancing Diva
#46 唯舞獨尊
Dancing Forever
#2 天空
#26 野蠻遊戲 J-Game
#55 真命天子 Destined Guy – Show Luo feat. Jolin
#65 睜一隻眼 閉一隻眼
Overlooking purposely
#8 就是愛
It’s love
#61 招牌動作 Signature gesture
#78 愛情三十六計 36 tricks of love
#3 說愛你
Say I Love You
看我72變 Watch my 72 changes
#65 布拉格廣場
Prague Square
#30 你還愛我嗎 Do You Still Love Me
#94如果不想要 If You Don’t Want To
#17 Don’t Stop
#30 我知道你很難過 I know you’re feeling blue

On another note, an English translation for 新年抖来咪 Happy New Year Do Re Mi is now available !


UGLY BEAUTY: pictures of Limited edition, Collector edition, and translations for all lyrics available ! / UGLY BEAUTY : photos de la version limitée, de la version collector, et traductions pour toutes les paroles disponibles !

🇫🇷 Version française page 2.

🇬🇧 I received my copies of UGLY BEAUTY and took pictures of everything… Enjoy !

Limited edition is unfortunately sold out everywhere but you can still buy Collector edition online.

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All songs from UGLY BEAUTY have been translated by jolinmuse@Twitter (for 怪美的 Ugly Beauty, I kept the translation of Bingo Bilingual provided by the MV) !

Don’t forget that you can find all lyrics, pinyin, and translations for every album in Lyrics & Clipography in the menu or HERE.

Listen to title song 怪美的 Ugly Beauty, lyrics translation also available ! / Écoutez la chanson titre 怪美的 Ugly Beauty, la traduction des paroles est aussi disponible !

🇫🇷 Version française page 2.

🇬🇧 怪美的 Ugly Beauty lyrics video has been uploaded today (MV will be revealed on December 26th) !
And full song is now available digitally worldwide on iTunes, Spotify…

Ugly Beauty

Lyrics: 吳青峰 Wu Qingfeng
Music: Rhys Fletcher/楊宥閑 Stan Dubb/Richard Craker/蔡依林 Jolin Tsai/陳星翰 Starr Chen

An English translation of the lyrics is also already available ↓

Don’t forget that you can find on Jolin Jeneration English translations for every Jolin song by clicking on “Lyrics & Clipography” in the menu !

Pre-order UGLY BEAUTY Collector Edition
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[Video] 戀我癖 EGO-HOLIC with English and French subs!

Better late than never, I subbed 戀我癖 EGO-HOLIC (live performance at the Migu Music Awards on December 3rd)!

If you wonder why I didn’t upload the subbed MV, I actually thought it through and decided not to upload it because of the recent controversy surrounding it.
FYI, the MV can still be found on YouTube but in SD only.
I subbed it for my private use though, if you want it –for private use only– you can leave a comment on this article.

Thank you for your understanding!

~ Jolin English subs: Magic ~

Click on CC to choose between English, French or Pinyin subs.

01. 說愛你/Shuo ai ni/Say I love you

02. 看我72變/Kan wo qi shi er bian/Magic

03. 假面的告白/Jia mian de gao bai/Fake confess

04. 奴隸船/Nu li chuan/Slave ship

05. 布拉格廣場/Bu la ge guang chang/Prague Square

06. 做一天的你/Zuo yi tian de ni/Be you for a day

07. Prove It

08. 爆米花的味道/Bao mi hua de wei dao/Smell of the pop-corn

09. 馬甲上的繩索/Ma jia shang de sheng suo/Corset’s Rope

10. 好東西/Hao dong xi/Good Thing

11. 騎士精神/Qi shi jing shen/Spirit of the Knight